InfraStar Bike


      InfraStar exercise bike combines unique innovative technologies as deep vacuum resistance, infrared heating, cryotherapy effect, pure oxygen breathing, collagen rejuvenation, aroma therapy  in one sigle device which should be used for fat reduction exercises and rehabilitation purposes. Most effective  body  rehab and shaping innovative technologies in this exercise device. 

      Unique technologies inside


      InfraStar creates negative vacuum resistance via suck out all air from capsule. Vacuum resistance is one of the most effective methods for cellulite reduction and get rid of problematic body areas. Also vacuum resistance helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation in problematic body area which improves recovery in sport rehabilitation process.


      The infrared light therapy and the vacuum resistance therapy improves the oxygen supply of the cells, intensifies their metabolism, helps the regeneration of the skin, muscles and boost lymphatic system. Infrared lamps heating body which significantly increase sweating and remove residual water and toxins from body.
      Unique exercise bike which combine hot and cold temperature exercises for incredible recovery results. CryoNick Technologia incorporated in this bike gives availability to exercise in extremely cold temperature. Temperature difference during exercise brings fast recovery result in injured area. Especially effective for sport rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes

      Body Shaping effect and Detoxification

      InfraStar bike combined fitness tools that uses the most innovative and effective  technologies to raise the body-shaping effect of exercise to a higher level. The beneficial effects of vacuum massage, infrared treatment, collagen light therapy, cryo recovery, ozone and oxygen therapy, and aromatherapy united simultaneously in this capsule. Combination of such features for body shaping and detoxification should greatly improve results of weight loss exercises


      Vacuum makes the tissues loosen, narow and widen blood vessels giving the cells much more oxygen and nutrients. Due such process performance will be much higher. As performance increases, the body consumes more oxygen which makes the cells more loadable and client could burn more calories than during a regular exercise.


      The latest infrared bike, which is completely different fitness rehab bike from what we had heard  about sport equipment for weight loss and cellulite reduction. This is a vacuum capsule in which involved the lower part of body. Exercise is provided by a bike which could be adjusted by touch screen. Client easy biking in capsule where pumping out all air. Such process makes vacuum resistance which significantly increase blood circulation in problematic body areas and delivering a lot of blood with oxygen to fat tissue where it is immediately transferring fat cells to energy. Also vacuum capsule has mounted infrared radiators similar to infrared saunas which helps increase sweating and process of dexotication. Grand version extra equipped with collagen light therapy, aromatherapy, ozone and oxygen therapy options.

      Infrared bike exercises are recommended for overweight persons

      Fitness TRAINING WITH INCREASED sweating

      Not stressful fitness exericise for weight loss. Sweating is important because the by-products of cellular metabolism can be excreted from the body. Detoxification processes are supported by infrared rays, and cycling accelerates lymphatic circulation, which quickly delivers toxins to the excretory organs. The suction effect of the vacuum helps detoxify through the skin.


      Recommended for persons who want to achieve quick results in body shaping, cellulite reduction and get cardio workouts in the shortest possible time.
      Recommended for persons who live a sedentary lifestyle
      Recommended for persons who are overweight, who love to eat, but do not want to obese
      Recommended for persons who are restricted to some degree in free movement and for movement rehabilitation treatments

      Exercises bike with cryo

      Benefits of InfraStar infrared vacuum bike

      InfraStar is the newest generation body shaping machine containing cryotherapy, infrared technology, vacuum resistance,  ozone and collagen lamp, aroma therapy benefits created  to burn fat,  cellulite reduction, tighten the skin, enhance muscle condition, detoxify the body and lymphatic system. As well as rehabilitation benefits for persons with spine injuries and sport recovery purposes. Vacuum pump making zero gravity as called vacuum resistance inside capsule which increase blood and lymphatic circulation during exercise and significantly improve calories spending. Persons with spine injuries could making physical exercise without loading on spine, because laying on recumbent bike.

      features of infraStar bike

      CryoNick TECHNOLOGIA

      InfraStar has incorporated unique option as CryoNick TECHNOLOGIA. CryoNick TECHNOLOGIA gives cryotherapy recovery benefits during exercise. InfraStar has program to drop temperature inside capsule from +45C/+110F up to -20C/-4F. Cryotherapy promotes vasoconstriction or constriction of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels constrict, blood and lymphatic circulation is slowing in turn reduces redness, swelling, pain in injured areas and muscle spasm. Cryotherapy reduces nerve activity effective to pain relief. Combined with cryotherapy, heat therapy increases the flow of blood and nutrients to various body areas. Warm  temperatures widen blood vessels, which usually promotes circulation. This increased circulation, in turn, will usually provide the nutrients the body needs to get fast recovery and reducing pain. CryoNick TECHNOLOGIA developed by rehabilitation experts which adjusted hot temperature range with lowest cold temperature range which suitable for physical exercise and most beneficial in rehabilitation process as well as in weight loss.


      cryoNick technology bike

      Functions of infrared bike InfraStar

      vacuum infrastar
      InfraStar Vacuum

      VACUUM RESISTANCE  The vacuum loading technology creates negative resistance during exercise which significantly increase blood and lymphatic circulation in problematic body area, delivery more blood with oxygen in blood tissue, which helps to transfer fat cells to energy.


      infrared InfraStar bike
      Infrared light on infrastar

      INFRARED LIGHTS Increased temperature in capsule of InfraRed brings hyper body sweating which remove toxins from body via skin pores as well as remove water from body which reducing body weight.

      InfraStar bike collagen
      InfraStar collagen

      COLLAGEN LIGHTS Red lights therapy is well-know skin care technology for anti aging and improve skin condition. Red light stimulates natural collagen production on skin level .Extra skin care benefits during InfraStar exercise

      InfraStar bike ozonetherapy
      InfraStar Ozone

      OZONE THERAPY Ozone generator refilling skin with O3 improving skin condition, allows immune system to concentrate O3 in body

      infrastar aroma therapy
      aroma infrastar

      AROMA THERAPY During exercise in InfraStar refilling skin with special aroma oils brings anti bacterial effect, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

      Training cryo bike

      Rehabilitation and recovery exercises


      InfraStar infrared vacuum bike is a newest generation  of physical training which enhance health condition. Innovative infrared training with vacuum benefits for persons which combined collagen, ozone and color therapies during same session.


      Any diet needs to be combined with physical exercises. Increased calories burning is major key of InfraStar bike. Infrared lights support activate whole body fat burning during InfraStar exercise. Up to 800-1000 kCal during 30 min session on middle level.


      Well-being style is the target of any healthy person. Exercises on InfraStar vacuum bike brings feeling well-being and release endorphins during exercises. Your body feels relaxed and released after session on infraStar bike.


      Vacuum bike InfraStar

      New updated menu

      InfraStar got newest updated menu with vacuum, infrared and combined vacuum-infrared programs. Also is available option with CryoNick TECHNOLOGIA. Very informative menu with graphics makes InfraStar easy to use by everyone. Virtual reality programs incorporated. WiFi and TV channels. Application to control device and collect exercise results.InfraStar bike has option as breathing pure oxygen during exercise as called hyperoxic exercise.

      Oxygen therapy
      Breathing pure oxygen in InfraStar bike

      Oxygen mask deliveries a high percentage of pure oxygen to breathe during InfraStar workout. Pure oxygen coming to your cells and making more cellular energy. Oxygen is major component in metabolism process as transfer fat cells to energy. Lungs transferring more oxygen in blood giving more endurance during exercises and improve recovery performance. Oxygen therapy during workout on InfraStar brings health benefits as increase energy, improve immune function and significantly increase recovery time Oxygen therapy helps clients to get fast recovery and accelerate healing process. Increased oxygen in blood plays a major role in injury recovery and decrease physiological fatigue.

      menu infrastar

      Variety of colors and version for InfraStar cryo infrared bike

      InfraStar has a few versions:

      • Super Simple. Good price for infraRed and vacuum resistance exercise only.
      • Simple +. Extended functionality with collagen lamp and aroma therapy
      • Grand. Fully equipped version with virtual reality display and TV channels.
      • Cryonick. Added Cryo program for exercise in extremely cold temperature


      Variety of colors and leather material

      • white/grey, white/black, white/red, white/blue, white/orange, white/green
      • black/black, black/grey, black/blue, black/red

      Choose your InfraStar bike to offer most innovative rehab and weight loss procedures

      Cryo bike white

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