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MedSaniStar temperature check and hand disinfection station. Hand sanitizer stations with touchless temperature check control is a best COVID-19 protect solution for any facility to protect employees and customers. This is important tools to help keep people safe and avoid virus spreading. Our disinfection access station could make face recognition, check mask availability, check body temperature and provide automatic hand sanitizing. MedSaniStar temperature check and hand disinfection station has relay which could control gate access for person with normal temperature only. Grand version of disinfection access station has iCloud record of all guests and their temperature screening

MedSaniStar disinfection access station

Description and concept of MedSaniStar disinfection access station
The device is based on a contactless thermal scanner  with a function determination of face recognition and the presence of a mask, instant infrared temperature screening, disinfection of hands with disinfectant liquid, recording of reports of temperature check on a remote server and the ability to open automatically entrance turnstile or door via mounted relay.

Temperature check and hand disinfection

What is it for?
Organized and controlled
temperature measurement process
Automatic reporting of all measurements
Measurement visualization and red signal
if impressions exceed
Hand treatment with disinfectant

What does this change?
Automatic temperature measurement with recorded results
easy to organize
Qualitative measurement can be performed without
human presence and provide access to
entrance to the room
Social security
Mask availability check is supported
face and hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

8-inch IPS LCD display.
Vandal-resistant design.
Supports up to 30,000 faces and recognition at speeds up to 1s
with an accuracy of ~ 97%.
Supports face recognition in the mask.
An industrial-grade binocular camera is used, which
illuminated by night infrared and LED lamp.
A modern processor with high performance is used:
Rockchip RK3288 quad-core processor.
The Heimann thermal sensor is used.
Supports and shows body temperature measurement.
The best temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters.
Temperature measurement up to 1 m.
Measurement error 0.5 ℃.
The temperature measurement takes a few seconds. Upon detection
elevated temperature after measurement is maintained automatically
visual message with an external red lamp.
Photofixation of the measurement process.
Mounted on a wall or stand, mounted on a table or turnstile.
Power supply 12V (the set includes the power supply unit on 220B).
Main interfaces: USB, Relay, RJ45 (Ethernet), Wiegand 26/34.


touchless thermometer with hand disinfection

Advantages of temperature check

Access to scan logs (photo, time, temperature, name)
Working with the catalog of faces.
Ability to expand as needed

The appliance cannot be used in direct sunlight.
The appliance can only be used indoors.
The device is best used in a room with a temperature
25 ℃ and without wind.
The best measuring distance is 50 cm.
The accuracy of the measurements deteriorates significantly if the temperature
room less than 15 ℃ or more than 30 ℃.
The appliance must not be mounted near hot or cold
There should be no bright light or other heat source
aimed at the face of a person making a temperature measurement.
The person to be measured must be in
measuring medium at least 5 – 10 minutes before
measure the temperature. The human temperature should be
compensated by room temperature.
The forehead should be dry and clean (without hair, dust, hat).
The measurement results are only a preliminary examination. They not
can be used as medical data. After detection
a person with a high body temperature needs further
screening to confirm the result.
Calibration method. Before using the device, either
please follow these steps to calibrate:
Use traditional and well calibrated
pyrometer near the device to measure its own
Measure your own temperature with the device.
Repeat this process 3-5 times. If the temperature difference is not
exceeds 0.3 ℃ then the device can be used. If
the temperature difference is significant (eg 1 ℃) then required
change the temperature compensation settings in the settings



touch less temperature screening sensor and automatic hand dispenser

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