CryoStar Antarctica WBC

      We would like introduce newest whole body cryotherapy chamber CryoStar Antarctica for therapeutic recovery application of extremely cold dry air in range of −80°C/-112F and −140°C/-220F. This unit using cold air delivered to chamber via heat exchanger. No vapored nitrogen inside as in regular cryotherapy chamber. Customer could come in with whole body including head and breathing inside chamber during treatment. 


      CryoStar Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber created to prevent direct exposure to nitrogen gasses while using the latest heat exchange system to allow customers to enjoy breathable air during cryotherapy treatment. Unique cryotherapy chamber CryoStar Antarctica has both version as nitrogen and electric based. 

      Cryotherapy application

      Whole body cryotherapy is a kind of recovery therapy where clients exposes whole body to extremely cold temperatures capsule where cold air blowing. Extremely cold temperature therapy  is most effective for rein relief and reducing inflammation, especially in sport rehabilitation industry. The key providers of cryotherapy include rehabilitation professionals involved in sport physical therapy, wellness exercises, chiropractic treatments, athletic training and holistic medicine.

      After COVID pandemic whole body cryotherapy became popular for boost immune system and post COVID rehabilitation treatments. CryoStar Antarctica whole body cryo chamber used the extreme cold air to induce responses on the blood and lymphatic circulation, boost energy level and improve the nervous system.

      Choose best electric or nitrogen cryotherapy chamber

      Nitrogen based version of Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber included special heat exchanger system where nitrogen used to cooling air only and no vapors of nitrogen going inside chamber. Fast cooling, low nitrogen spending and extreme temperature inside whole body cryo chamber up to -140C

      Electric based version of CryoStar Antarctica cryo chamber created with powerful electrical compressor which quickly cooling air inside cryotherapy chamber and low electric consumption.


      Whole body cryo chamber

      Advantages of our whole body cryotherapy chamber

      Cryo Safety – Indirect technology of cold air spaying helps to avoid injuries due contact with liquid nitrogen. Client comes in cryo chamber with head and breath cold air released from any nitrogen vapor

      Luxury Materials – high quality waterproof and temperature proof interior material. Premium plastic and glass for exterior of whole body cryotherapy chamber    

      State-of-art ergonomic design – we created modern designed cryotherapy unit with ergonomic dimensions which should fit to most business facilities 

       Comfortable room inside – Antarctica cryo chamber has spacious and comfortable room space inside that any toll or big client should fit there.

      Technology of even distribution of cold air – Power fans circulated cold air evenly inside chamber to reach effective cold therapy for whole body.

      Cryo room chamber

      Extended functionality of cryotherapy chamber

      Control with remote wifi tablet – Machine has large touch screen built-in near entrance door which connected via Bluetooth to remote table. Helps to start and control cryotherapy treatment vis reception desc located far away from cryotherapy room.

      Glass door Our cryotherapy chamber has glass door and roof to avoid claustrophobic feeling inside cryo room and enjoy cryotherapy treatment

      Temperature Set Up – Newest temperature sensors located inside our cryotherapy chamber helps to adjust temperature inside and target air flowing in the cryo chamber

      Relax sounds Cryotherapy room has build in audio speakers which allow to listen relation music during cryotherapy treatment. Bluetooth compatible to download music library to enjoy cryotherapy procedure .

      Breathable window – Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber has movable glass widow which possible to adjust during cryo session which allows customer to get fresh air outside cryotherapy cabin.

      cryo chamber electric

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