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      Electric CryoJet/CryoFlow

      Electrical machine for localized cryotherapy CryoFlow/CryoJets used a cold air blowing for sport rehabilitation, recovery and slim care. Newest model electrical unit for cryotherapy with LED face mask option. Cryotherapy machine for general wellness treatments including face skin rejuvenation, anti aging treatments, boost energy  and reduce and prevention of muscles pain relief for athletes.

      Portable and Electrical unit for localized cryotherapy treatments

      Cold air equipment in fitness and beauty industry 

      CryoFlow is a modern device that decrease body temperature in order to provide sport recovery for athletes reducing inflammation and soreness, increase collagen production and wellbeing, help to minimize chronic stress, relax muscles, rise level of body energy, help to reduce lower back or muscle pain. This is not medical equipment and used as wellness and recovery purposes only in sport and beauty industry.

      Wide range of application:

      Our innovative cryotherapy system allows to evenly distribute the cold air flow over the surface of the skin with a point and controlled dosage to achieve the desired effect of the procedure.

      Highly effective  CryoJets/CryoFlow cold air device from VACUACTIVUS world manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers and localized cryo machines intended for use in fitness, wellness, sport rehabilitation and recovery, beauty studious and more.


      CryoJets/CryoFlow specifications

      CryoJets/cryoFlow is a electrical cryotherapy device and completely nitrogen-free.

      • The air cooled down to temperatures between -4 to -30 C (25 to -22F).
      • Cold air blowing instead vaporized nitrogen 
      • Adjustable airflow
      • Fully controlled touch screen operation
      • LED light focus for adjust position handle to skin
      • Movable/portable localized cryotherapy device
      • Slim fit size
      • Intensive cooling treatment without risk of freezing
      • Option with LED face mask on handle for extra skin care benefits and face muscles relaxation
      local cryo CryoJets

      What is electrical unit for localized cryotherapy?

      CryoJets/CryoFlow is nitrogen free and cooled by electrical temperature converter which used for athletes recovery and muscle relaxation. It used cold air instead vapored nitrogen in other localized cryotherapy machines. CryoJets electrical local cryotherapy unit is used cold air blowing from handle in temperature range between -4 to -30C equal 25°F to -24°F. Cold therapy treatment for specific body area takes around  3 -to 10 minutes per area. Such treatments are very effective for reduce inflammation, skin recovery, pain relief after any sport injuries or reduce back pain during body massage. Localized cryotherapy or as called a spot cryotherapy  targeted  more attention to treat a specific body zone with more effective cooling this part. Local cryotherapy can be applied to any specific injured part of the body such as ankle, joint, shoulder, feet, elbow, belly knee, neck.



      Cryotherapy treatments for face

      Electrical unit for localized Cryotherapy also used for cryo facial and improve skin condition. Local Cryo machine can treat specific pain points or can provide an effective relaxing and wrinkle releasing facial. Localized cryotherapy is used for skin healing and rejuvenation using cold temperature effect on skin tissue similar to ice pads. A few treatments may observe smaller pores and wrinkle reduction. Localized cryotherapy making a relaxing facial massage. Local cryotherapy is very popular treatment in many beauty centers and skin rejuvenation clinics.


      Cryo loca machine

      Option with LED mask

      CryoJets electrical unit for Cryotherapy as option as LED lights handle for more effective cryo facial. This is combination of cold blowing with LED lights which is a noninvasive skin treatments for improve skin issues . The treatment uses cool skin with varying wavelengths of light to trigger the skin’s natural healing processes to repair the skin. At least 10-20 sessions are requested to see results on face skin. LED lights are improving  scarring and signs of aging and should take affect on improve wrinkles by acting on fibroblasts increasing collagen production. Collagen is a protein in the skin and other connective tissues which plays a significant role in skin healing. Reducing  collagen production in skin due skin aging  shows signs of aging. Increasing collagen production makes improve skin condition, helps faster skin rejuvenation and reducing skin inflammation.


      cryo unit


      The Producer informed the Equipment is fitness or wellness purposes equipment for sport recovery and rehab purposes only which are not FDA approved for medical usage or other usage which required FDA.  This is not medical equipment. Current product could not use any adversing description of the Equipment from the Producer’s web site or other info ways as a statements of healthcare benefits of the Equipment. Producer shall not liability for all or any statements regarding a healthcare futures and benefits of Equipment which provided to a clients.

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