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      Local Cryo Jet

      Localized cryotherapy machine electrical based using cold air for rehabilitation, recovery and slim care. Newest model electrical cryotherapy unit for cryo facial


      CryoJet localized electrical cryotherapy machine 

      Cold air therapy equipment 

      Cryo Jets is a modern device that decrease body temperature in order to reduce inflammation and soreness, increase collagen production, boost immune system, help to minimize chronic stress, relax muscles, rise level of body energy, lower back pain, manage neurodermatitis.

      Wide range of application:

      Our innovative cryotherapy system allows to evenly distribute the cold air flow over the surface of the skin with a point and controlled dosage to achieve the desired effect of the procedure.

      Highly effective  Cryo Jets cold air device from VACUACTIVUS world manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers and localized cryo machines intended for use in medical practices, sports, wellness, beauty studious and more. 


      Cryo Jets specifications

      Cryo Jets is a electrical cryotherapy device and completely nitrogen-free.

      • The air cooled down to temperatures between -30 to -60 C (-86 to -140F).
      • Adjustable airflow
      • Fully controlled touch screen operation
      • Laser hose
      • Movable localized cryotherapy device
      • Intensive cooling treatment without risk of freezing

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