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      Cryo Q Localized cryotherapy machine

      Localized cryo machine Q is Newest model of Localized cryotherapy machine for rehabilitation and skin care treatments. Spot cryotherapy is used to treat problematic areas with a vapor of nitrogen blowing with temperature up to -160°C. Application for pain relief and reduce inflammation in targeted areas of body as well as after surgery treatments and rehabilitation procedure. Available programs for localized cryotherapy for neck, lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and belly areas.

      Description of localized cryotherapy method


      Local Cryo stimulation involves the exposure of extreme low temperatures (approximately -160°C or 256F) to a specific area of the body and face. The skin is cooled sufficiently using nitrogen vapor (LN2) to provoke the vasoconstriction of blood vessels, which is then followed by rapid vasodilation post treatment, Cryo stimulation activates the body’s optimum defense mechanism. During the short session only the skin is cooled superficially and the body responds by raising it’s internal temperature through increased rates of micro-circulations across the treatment area. The metabolic surge continues for over 4 hours after each procedure. Local Cryo stimulation is often used for pain relief, post surgery recovery and injury rehabilitation. Pain relieving effects of Cryo stimulation can last for 3 – 4 days. Cryo stimulation is applied to increase the rate of healing in order to reduce injury timeframes alongside physical therapy programs.


      • pain relief, treats pain syndromes and neuralgias;
      • reduction of spasm;
      • reduced muscle tension;
      • improvement of joint function;
      • reduction of post traumatic treatments;
      • after surgery recovery therapy;
      • overall quicker return to training;
      • decreased localized muscle fatigue;
      • stress related conditions;
      • improves blood and lymphatic circulation intreated area;
      • effective during post operative rehabilitation stages;
      • decreases inflammation, bruising and swellings(during reconstructive phase);
      • muscle and ligament strains;
      • tendon injuries (detachment, distortion extension oftendons, tendinosis, tendinopathy);
      • supports the treatment of excessive weight andobesity by increasing cellular metabolism);
      • cryo shaping is a detoxification therapy, which firmsthe skin, treats cellulite and reduces weight;
      • aesthetic medicine – controlling cellulite (effectivein conjunction with pneumatic compression massage);
      • hair health and scalp irritation;
      • cryo facial for skin rejuvenation;
      • kill bacteria on skin or help for other skin therapy during dermatology treatment

      Extreme low temperature treatments

      At extreme low temperatures, thermo receptors on the skin are stimulated due to the intense energy in the stream. Strong signals are sent to the brain, which are faster than pain receptors. As the skin is cooled to the necessary temperatures, the trauma cycle is activated. Local Cryo stimulation triggers vasoconstriction followed by rapid vasodilation providing the patient with a natural analgesic effect alongside ongoing micro-circulations being driven around the treatment area.

      NATURAL HEALING – Cryo stimulation involves the activation of natural body defenses making it totally safe. The short time exposure to extreme low temperatures does not affect the core temperature of the body. The treatments are environmentally friendly.

      PAIN RELIEF – Cryo stimulation has a natural analgesic effect on the body, therefore the feeling of pain is significantly reduced post treatment. Lower levels of pain encourage natural movement. Increasing the strength and flexibility of joints and bones is key to increase metaboLic processes, as inflammation stays in the joint.

      localized cryo unit

      Localized cryotherapy machine Iceberg

      TIME SAVING – Unlike other ‘cooling’ treatments such as the use of ice packs where the patient is resting for a long period of time, each treatment generally lasts up to 5 minutes per area. Cryo stimulation reduces injury recovery timeframes so that athletes can resume rehabilitation earlier and lower drug intake.

      PLEASURE – Bathing in the streams of cold air feels much more comfortable than usual methods involving cold water because at super low temperatures the stream contains almost zero moisture. As a bonus, the cold triggers the productions of endorphins called “feel-good hormones”, which induce feelings of euphoria. This encourages return visits.


      Results are immediate and most noticeable a few days after the first treatment. A Local Cryo stimulation session post training (wait a minimum of a 1 hour) will instantly reduce fatigue and muscle pain. Sports injuries also respond immediately as each session reduces both pain and inflammation, allowing for more rapid and effective kinesiotherapy protocols.

      localized cryotherapy unit


      The number of treatments varies depending on what the patient is trying to achieve and how the body responds to the treatment. Using Cryo stimulation for muscle recovery is a routine method of support and can be carried out in cycles of a 10-20 sessions to gain the full long lasting benefits of the treatment. Injuries vary in severity so the number of treatments is difficult to quantify. The physiotherapist and the patient will assess when they feel that the injury has been fully rehabilitated.

      • One cycle of Local Cryo stimulation procedures usually consists of between 5 and 30 sessions performed daily or every other day. The number of sessions can vary due to the severity of injuries and conditions being unique to each case. A patient may feel fully recovered after a 3 or 4 sessions, however it is more beneficial that the patient does a cycle of a 10-20 sessions to gain the full benefit of the treatment. This will help to prevent recurring injury and to strengthen the treatment area further.

      • If a patient needs to return to full fitness as soon as possible, sessions can be carried out twice a day. However there should be a 4 – 6 hour break between treatments.

      • The reason Cryo stimulation treatments are recommended daily or every other day is because Cryo stimulation causes the treatment area to experience an increased rate of blood flow lasting for several hours. By having treatments close together the patient experiences a consistently higher rate of blood flow and a natural analgesic effect for a longer period of time. This speeds up the healing and rehabilitation process and makes the treatment even more effective than spacing out treatments.

      cryo facial machine Q


      When Cryo stimulation is used in combination with physiotherapy or a Cryoshaping treatment, the patient must exercise post treatment. This is due to the fact that improving the strength and flexibility of joints and bones is key to recovery. Post treatment exercise entails a series of exercises or mobilization movements as advised by a physiotherapist, which focus on strengthening the joints and muscles of the treatment area. Sometimes patients can feel great after the first few sessions and then a few days later they will suddenly feel pain or aching. This is a good sign that Cryo stimulation is working effectively because the joints and muscles have been exercised and moved more freely whilst recovering. After a 6 to 7 days these symptoms will have completely gone. After Cryoshaping treatments it is essential that exercise protocols are carried out (the patient can bring activewear to the treatment). The reason the patient works out afterwards is to amplify the effects of the treatment.

      Local Cryo stimulation releases a lot of anti-inflammatory proteins in to the treatment area and by exercising the blood flow is increased, which distributes them better around the body. By increasing the heart rate, blood flow increases around the body and not just in the treatment area. Therefore, metabolic processes are working at a higher rate and the micro-circulations being driven around the body create an energy deficit. Post treatment exercise can consist of going for a 20 minute run or a series of exercises that increase the patient’s heart rate.

      localized cryo Q


      The Producer informed the Equipment is fitness or wellness purposes equipment for sport recovery and rehab purposes only which are not FDA approved for medical usage or other usage which required FDA.  This is not medical equipment. Current product could not use any adversing description of the Equipment from the Producer’s web site or other info ways as a statements of healthcare benefits of the Equipment. Producer shall not liability for all or any statements regarding a healthcare futures and benefits of Equipment which provided to a clients.

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