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      Sanetiq  portable sanitizing Access Station provides thermal temperature check and hand sanitizer dispenser

      A new disinfection access station Sanetiq can help to significantly reduce risk of COVID-19 spread. Sanetiq is a revolutionary portable disinfection kiosk which control walk thru traffic to your facility and provides body temperature scanning and hand sanitizer dispenser using  sanitizing mist. Sanetiq is an innovative idea how protect your business facility after months of lockdown. Disinfection access station Sanetiq has touch less infrared sensor for immediate body temperature check and spay disinfection liquid on hands.

      Hand sanitizer with temperature check

      Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis in 2020, body temperature detection has became a necessary option to identify and prevent virus infection. Many business retail facilities wants to protect employees and customers and detect COVID-19 possibility of infection visitors. Major requirement is body temperature check, detect persons with increased body temperature and do not allow them come in to retail for avoid coronavirus distribution. Sanetiq is innovative and modern temperature sensor monitor and hand disinfection station which should help to keep high level of protection for any business as retail, office, hospital, hotel or gym. Touchless infrared thermometer makes temperature check on short distance between human and sensor. Fast speed of response helps to immediately and properly check body temperature on forehead.

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