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Aqua spinning equipment


Aqua Spinning equipment


Our aqua bike Hydrobike – Get Slim and Cellulite Free While You Relax

Are you trying to get slim but get exhausted too early while performing your fitness routines? Are you having a hard time fighting cellulite? If you are then all your troubles are about to be over. Our company as aquatic equipment supplier is bringing to you one of the most highly advanced water exercise equipment that is going to help you not only in getting slim without getting too exhausted but also in winning your battle against cellulite. That’s not it; you can accomplish both tasks in a single exercise too! We are confident that you are going to love this machine after you see what it can do for you. So, without further ado, let’s get inside the concept behind this technology and how it can help you in overcoming your fitness and cellulite issues.  

Aqua spinning equipment

The Concept Behind Our Ground Breaking Aquatic Equipment

The concept behind this amazing creation of ours is to combine the effects of hydro massage and water training in one single exercise equipment. The Hydrobike gives you the chance to cycle against hydro-static pressure which is the basic concept of water training and at the same time offers you a hydro massage, which relaxes the body. This is why when using this machine, you are not going to feel exhausted by the end of the exercise and in fact feel rejuvenated. 

Our motive behind the creation of this aquatic equipment was not only to solve fitness and rehabilitation issues but also to help women in overcoming the issue of cellulite. Thus, the concepts of skin exfoliation through ozone and skin rejuvenation through chromotherapy have also been utilized in this machine. Ozone when mixed with water becomes oxygen which removes the dead cells from the skin and enhances skin exfoliation while the chromotherapy lamps used offer variability in lighting environment which accelerates the process of skin rejuvenation.       

Technology that Drives Our Aqua Bike

We are conscious of the fact that people using our machine are going to expect us to deliver the best product that is free of any kind of faults and imperfections. This is why we have used the most highly advanced technology in the making of this aqua bike. All of the materials that have been used in the construction of this unique and one-of-a-kind water bike are also of the highest quality. 

Aqua spinning equipment


  1. LCD Touch Display with Intuitive Interface

There is an LCD Touch Display mounted on the front of the Hydrobike. It has a very intuitive interface which makes it easier for people of all ages to select the exercise settings.  

  1. Automated Water Refilling Within 2 Minutes

There is no need to manually refill the tank as water is refilled automatically into this water aerobic equipment within a short period of only two minutes. 

  1. 16 Air-Pressurized Water Jets Target the Body

There are 14-16 air-pressurized water jets that are located inside the individual water capsule for cycling underwater. These water jets target the sensitive areas of the lower abdomen and hydro-massage the muscles there. 

  1. Ozone 

Ozone is present in the aqua capsule as well which is introduced into the tank once the water has been refilled. 

  1. 3 Minute Automated Water Drainage

There is no need to manually drain the water from the tank as it is automatically drained from the aquatic fitness machine within three minutes. 

  1. Chromotherapy Lamps 

There are two chromotherapy lamps also present inside the capsule of the Hydrobike which can be turned on using the LCD Touch Display.

Aqua spinning equipment

Individual aqua biking workout

The working of this individual aqua biking machine is not very difficult to understand. You will have to enter through the glass door and sit on the bike. You will then have to pick the exercise settings from the LCD Touch Display present in front of you. Once the settings have been selected, the water will start filling in and you can start biking. The pressure of the water will make it slightly tough for you to pedal but it won’t put pressure on your joints thus making the physical activity demanding for the muscles but not the joints. 

Water jets will begin targeting the sensitive zones of the lower abdomen, legs, thighs and calves, providing a hydro massage to the muscles while you pedal. This will cause a drainage effect, activating the lymphatic system and thus eliminating the orange peel skin which is the most characteristic sign of cellulite. At this moment ozone will be introduced into the tank which will convert into oxygen and begin the process of skin exfoliation. Once the exercise session is over, the water will automatically drain out slowly from the tanks and the chromotherapy lamps will open which help in rejuvenating skin.  

Aqua spinning equipmentBenefits for workout on aqua bike

The Hydrobike is one of the most specialized and unique aqua aerobic equipment which works not only for people who are in rehabilitation or want to get their body in shape but also for those who are fighting cellulite and want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin of their lower abdomen, thighs and calves. The following are some of the amazing benefits that you can enjoy through the use of this amazing water bike. 


Bottom Line

Our aquabike Hydrobike is undoubtedly the best cellulite reduction equipment in the market at the moment that can be used for muscle toning, physical fitness, rehabilitation and aesthetic skin improvement as well.  

Aqua spinning equipment