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AquaShape accessories for aqua biking

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Bar multi-training Aqua Shape

Expand of your exercise                of aqua aerobics
Bar Multi-Training has been specifically designed to quickly and easily installation it on the back of the  aqua bike. Just put it behind the saddle of aquabike and you can supplement your training with additional exercises.
Accessories for pool biking allows you to perform additional position while pedaling on aqua spinning bike and perform additional tensile-relaxant exercises.

Bar Multi-Training
 has silicone grips to prevent slipping his hand. It does not require special maintenance, after aqua exercise enough it just rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
Solid made polished stainless 

Bar Multi-Tarining made from 100% polish stainless steel class 316L. High quality made accessories for aquatic fitness exercises.
Saddle Comfort for aqua bike 

special created for 
underwater exercises
Silicone saddle is specially designed for more comfortable  pedaling under water on aquabike. It is a very comfortable saddle, especially useful for larger people or people sensitive to pressure.
Silicone saddle for water fitness workout provides soft and comfortable seat and excellent stability during exercise. Best accessories for aqua spinning equipment.
Holder for bottle for aquabike 

Lightweight, strong and easy
to install
Lightweight, strong and easy to install, made of stainless steel, the same as all the accessories for Aquashape cycling under water bike. Thanks to handle during the exercise at any time you have a bottle next to hand..
Shiny from the first day
RENOV-INOX is intended for cleaning aquatic fitness equipment for avoid to get corrosion on metal details.


It is result of cooperation with laboratories ProTech Monte-Carlo, which helps immediately restores fitness equipment intended for use in water, renews and protects against oxidation.

The package contains 125ml cleanser RENOV-INOX, sponge and wipe with a micro-fibrinogen.

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