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Hydrobike 2

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New Aqua Bike 
If your are looking for something special, we would like to represent unique aqua spinning equipment HydroBike II for cycling under water in individual capsule with hydro massage and color therapy benefits
This aquatic fitness machine combines:

Hydro Bike II

combines the benefits of under water training with the effects of hydro massage and ozone   in individual capsule.
Aqua biking concept guarantees a very effective workout for reach amazing results for cellulite reduction, weight loss, get body shape. We created water aeribic equipment with state-of-art design and extra functions inside. Best aquabiking capsule for underwater cycling workout. 

Best idea for wellbeing and healthy life 
Hydrobike II is recommended by physiotherapists, as a safe and effective training in many diseases like: wrap cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal disorders, neuromuscular, overweight and obesity, reduced mobility (after injuries of bones and joints). This new model of aquabike could fit for any gym, fitness center, wellness studio, spa or aqua complex. Aqua biking deliveries amazing results for improve body shape.
New generation of water biking machines
Side entrance
more bigger water capsule
more water capacity
available connect recycling system
extra benefits (adjastable resistance)
state-of-art designed waterbike

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