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Aquabike / Waterbike / Spabike

Our aquabikes HydroBike and HydroShape is most innovative and equipped than competitor models such as Aquabike, WaterBike, SpaBike. Our equipment has last generation of touch screen, 2 minutes auto refill/drain systems, silicone saddle, high water pressure jets, more functions inside, informative display, filtration & heating system, HydroTank as well. We offer cheapest price on market for solid quality equipment.

Aquabike / Waterbike / SpabikeStarts to compare BEST offer from us! Many clients around the world have been chosen our products! 

BENEFITS for water aerobic exercise underwater:

"Hydrobike along with a combination of training elements allows for fast and incredible results in the fight against cellulite!"


The combination of four basic elements makes Hydrobike the amazing product it is: WATER EFFECTS, BICYCLE FEATURE, HYDRO MASSAGE, OZONE Aquabike / Waterbike / SpabikeTREATMENT

Aquabike / Waterbike / SpabikeHEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Using Hydrobike in combination with hydrostatic water pressure leads to measurable results without the need of intense physical training.

Hydrobike delivers results for people at any age, as there is no pressure or strain on joints. Results arrive regardless of exercise intensity, even if used in relaxation mode.

Recommended water temperature is 82 – 86 degrees (Fahrenheit), which allows for the perfect conditions for soothing and relaxing exercises.

Additionally, Hydrobike is equipped with chromotherapy lights to create a calming environment as well as affecting the process of skin rejuvenation.

Hydrobike is the premiere solution to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Help renew and rejuvenate your body and skin; improving tone and elasticity, achieving relaxation and newfound energy!