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Of course, many of our readers are familiar with the concept of “cryotherapy”. For the rest, we will give a short description of what it is. The cryotherapy process consists in exposing the human body to extremely low temperatures (down to -170 ° C) for a short period of time (up to 3 minutes).
Either liquid nitrogen or ordinary air is used as a coolant. During the procedure with complete immersion of the body in the cryosauna, it is necessary to use protection of the respiratory organs, head and hands.
Why do people want to feel “extremely chilled”? There are many reasons, and the main one is a quick recovery from injuries and stress. Experts say using cryotherapy can help:

  • Strengthen your immunity. Stimulating immunity is especially important in times of coronavirus
  • in increasing energy and vitality;
  • in accelerating metabolism;
  • in the fight against migraines;
  • in the treatment of depression;
  • in reducing joint pain (For example, with rheumatoid arthritis or knee injuries).

Today, official medicine does not yet recognize cryotherapy as an effective technique for many common diseases. However, many renowned doctors and specialists emphasize its importance and effectiveness in the world of sports medicine.

Why cryosaunas are better than traditional ice baths

cryotherapy chamber

Many elite athletes tout full-body cryotherapy as an alternative to the traditional ice bath after exercise to reduce delayed muscle soreness and accelerate muscle fiber recovery in minutes.
In an ice bath, you are limited by the temperature of the ice water, which is 0 degrees Celsius. With the help of a cryosauna, you act on the whole body with temperatures from -120 ° to -170 ° Celsius in liquid nitrogen vapor or air with a humidity close to zero, so it is much colder, more efficient and more comfortable here.
Exposure to extremely low temperatures causes the body to react naturally. To keep warm and “survive” in the new conditions, the body redirects blood flow from the limbs to all major organs. Reducing blood flow to sore muscles or joints limits swelling and has a calming effect on inflammation. This speeds up the healing and recovery processes.
Today cryosaunas are used not only in specialized medical centers. They are bought by spas and sports organizations that want to provide athletes with the best technology and recovery techniques.
Cryobusiness in our country is developing quite rapidly: cryo-hospitals and cryo-salons have already been opened in large cities, which purchase the best equipment from leading manufacturers. One of these manufacturers is the well-known company Vacuactivus, which offers cryosaunas for home and business.

The best cryosaunas for business

How to choose the best cryosauna? What should I take into account? What determines the price of this equipment? These and many questions concern many who want to open their own business or purchase a suitable model for home use. VacuActivus offers its customers cryo equipment in different price categories. Prices start from 20 thousand euros for the simplest cryosauna. The most “stuffed” unit will cost its owner almost 60 thousand euros. Let’s consider them in more detail.


криосауна cryototal

In the cryosauna category, CryoTotal is the company’s most advanced product to date. Uses the technology of cooling with ordinary air instead of nitrogen vapor, which is potentially safer for humans and eliminates the risks of procedures.
Designed to provide the simplest, safest, and most effective Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatments in the industry. By using this device, the user gets the maximum functionality, which, combined with the futuristic design and the highest safety standards, guarantees the maximum level of treatment.
Provides first-class customer service in the market with an information screen inside the camera that displays relevant information. In addition, the cryosauna is equipped with a 21-inch external digital touch screen for intuitive control of procedures.
Exclusive exterior, high-quality interior decoration with modern security sensors installed inside, guarantee the satisfaction of the most demanding customers. The price of the CryoTotal cryosauna is an impressive 59 thousand euros, but for this money you get one of the best samples in the industry. This is, perhaps, the only disadvantage of the equipment, except for its rather large dimensions.
The pluses of CRYO Total include:

  • Structural strength;
  • Use of high quality materials;
  • Availability of information displays inside and outside;
  • Innovative vapor separation system; 100% breathable air;
  • Lack of contact with nitrogen;
  • Complete safety and the opportunity to relax;
  • High-quality speakers for music playback and audio communication between operator and client;
  • More space inside (CRYOTotal allows you to move around inside the camera without feeling claustrophobic).

Luxurious interior and exterior, spacious interior space, ease of use, ease of maintenance – it can take a long time to list the advantages of the CryoTotal cryosauna, so let’s move on to the next model.

Activ Cryo V2

CryoV2 криосауна
Prices for the cryosauna Activ Cryo V2 start at 29 thousand euros. This is almost half the price of the CRYOTotal cryosauna, but what do we get for this money? The manufacturer positions it as an improved and updated version of the Active Cryo model, which we will consider below.
This model outperforms any competitor’s counterparts thanks to new built-in technologies. Modern futuristic design, ergonomic appearance and functional interior are the best solution for cryotherapy. The camera is equipped with a real-time preview thermal imager, oxygen sensors and two large touch screen monitors. A feature of the equipment is the use of temperatures up to -180 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it is liquid nitrogen that is used to achieve such indicators, and the revolutionary procedure itself not only increases the body’s performance by 30%, but also accelerates recovery 8 times faster than usual.
The list of advantages of using this cryosauna includes:

  1. strengthening the immune system, thanks to which the body fights better against viral infections;
  2. improving the work of muscles and joints;
  3. soothing and pain relief;
  4. increased blood circulation;
  5. recovery of chronic pain and quick recovery from injuries.

What makes the CryoV2 cryosauna different from Vacuactivus among the competition? The main advantages of this cryotherapy equipment are:

  • use of European and American components;
  • the equipment works with the latest Platinum Jets indirect spraying technology;
  • can be made in various colors and with the client’s logo;
  • improved ventilation system, so the gas evaporates quickly after the end of the session;
  • simple menu and large tablet console.

Are there any downsides? For such a price – definitely not! Hundreds and thousands of buyers all over the world have already seen this, using the equipment of the Activ Cryo V2 series.

Activ Cryo

ActiveCryo Cryo Chamber

The best in the ratio of price, functionality, ergonomics and ease of use of the cryosauna in the modern world market according to many professional athletes and experts. The price of the Activ Cryo cryosauna starts at 25 thousand euros, so it can be highly recommended for home purchases as well.
The machine exposes clients to very cold temperatures for several minutes. Cryosauna Active Cryo uses whole body cryotherapy and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. It is used as the main piece of equipment in many elite sanatoriums, medical offices and cryofitness studios.
The 3-minute Active Cryo cryosauna treatment includes deep freezing for cryotherapy while the temperature drops sharply to -165 ° C. The cooling procedure burns up to 500-800 calories. In addition, she:

  1. improves your metabolism;
  2. releases endorphins;
  3. soothes muscle pain;
  4. improves sleep and health;
  5. relieves inflammation;
  6. reduces cellulite areas;
  7. promotes the renewal and rejuvenation of the body.

The main advantages of the equipment include:

  • modern exclusive design;
  • high-quality materials for interior and exterior decoration;
  • safe technology for indirect nitrogen spraying;
  • protection against contact with nitrogen;
  • two touch screens for functional control and settings;
  • uniform distribution of cooling throughout the chamber;
  • minimum energy consumption;
  • the latest security systems (temperature sensors, buttons for stopping the procedure, buttons for opening doors from the inside, and so on);

This is one of the most effective and efficient cryosauna models from a well-known manufacturer, which is still in demand among buyers all over the world. Its price and quality are in the best ratio, and the functionality is not inferior to more expensive and older models in the category.

The best cryosaunas for home

CryoStar cryotherapy

In the category of cryosaunas for the home, the next representative of the line of cryotherapy equipment from VacuActivus has practically no competitors. We are talking about the CryoStar cryosauna, which will cost you about 20 thousand euros. VacuActivus CryoStar Therapeutic Cryosauna promotes the stimulation and regeneration of muscle tissue, while improving the functionality of the whole body after strenuous exercise. Cryotherapy with CryoStar is a safe and easy procedure that can be performed under normal conditions in your home.
If you want to improve blood circulation, if you need to increase the body’s immune forces, if you need to recover as quickly as possible from injuries and stress, this cryotherapy chamber will be an excellent choice.
The main advantages of using:

  • safely and effectively performs cryotherapy of the whole body;
  • improves blood circulation and metabolism, and also strengthens the immune system;
  • the touch display is convenient and easy to use;
  • accelerates recovery from natural injuries and relieves muscle soreness;
  • treatment sessions take 1 to 3 minutes.

The CryoStar by VacuActivus is by far the best option for your home if you take care of your body. From fighting muscle fatigue to improving immunity, which is extremely important in today’s coronavirus pandemic, this innovative cryotherapy system is head and shoulders above many competitors.
To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the system is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that projects the temperature distribution inside the cryotherapy chamber during its use. This information can be especially valuable to physiotherapists and health care providers who supervise treatment.
It can help you see which areas of the body respond best to cryotherapy, and which areas may need more attention in future treatment. The CryoStar cryotherapy chamber operates when the user is inside the primary chamber.
Using the system’s unique 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the user can choose between three automatic cryotherapy programs or one manual program. The system then begins to operate, applying cryotherapy for the time specified in the program.
The key feature that sets CryoStar apart from most other cameras is ease of use. The system is designed to require no special service or maintenance after purchase, which significantly reduces the cost of the system’s life.
In addition, the special technology of spraying nitrogen into the chamber significantly reduces the total amount required for cryotherapy. This has the advantage of both increasing the amount of time before a nitrogen charge is required and preventing the risk of injury from treatment due to excessive cold.

Cryosauna manufacturers


What can you recommend for those who are just choosing a cryosauna for themselves? First of all, it is worth deciding on a budget, thinking about what functionality will be sufficient for you and choosing a manufacturer. At the same time, preference should be given to proven companies with a worldwide reputation.
Among the well-known manufacturers, it is worth noting such companies as:

  • VacuActivus;
  • CryoInnovations;
  • CryoAction;
  • Mecotec;
  • Cryomedpro.

We recommend Vacuactivus, which has been producing innovative slimming and cryo devices since 2002. Meeting customer expectations, the company offers world-class equipment. Vacuactivus’s mission is to create quality devices using the latest technology.
The manufacturer relies on both modern technological and aesthetic solutions, taking care of the unique design of its products. Today Vacuactivus continues to strengthen its position as a leader in slimming and cryotherapy machines.
The company offers professional services and a full range of technical services. A qualified team provides consulting services in the field of planning and equipping premises with manufactured devices. Vacuactivus, as one of the leaders in cryo, slimming and slimming equipment, provides excellent customer service, an extended warranty of up to three years, and reasonable pricing. There are sales representatives in many countries, which is why Vacuactivus is active all over the world. Cryotherapy can be the solution to your health problem if you choose a reliable manufacturer. By choosing Vacuactivus you get all the technology benefits and the high level of customer service that the company provides.

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