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Body Space InfraRed Stepper is a device designed to closely simulate walking in a manner congruent with natural human motor activity. Helps to perfectly model the figure because, during a workout, it engages a larger number of muscle groups than other fitness equipment found in fitness centers. It targets not only to lower-body muscles such as thighs, buttocks and calves but also chest, back and shoulders, furthermore it is augmented with "InfraRed” technology.

Such a combination guarantees a four times faster cellulite and fat burning when compared to traditional aerobic exercises. Infrared rays cause the body not only to excrete water but also fat (20%), cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxins, mobilize our defensive capabilities thus stimulating our immune system. They help to bind the free radicals, effectively cleaning the body, to remove the subcutaneous adipose tissue and reduce the cellulite; as a result, the skin becomes firm and flexible. What is more, InfraRed has been used to fight obesity, because it instantly warms up the tissues and muscles, simultaneously enhancing the circulation of blood and metabolism. Under heat, the blood flow improves the skin excretes waste and dead cells, thus becoming more firm and smooth. Because of the greater blood flow the cells and tissues are better oxygenated and blood-supplied. Oxygen is more efficiently delivered to the cells. That causes relaxation, diminishes muscular pain and accelerates the healing process. The skin reddens, meaning that the oxygen-rich blood reaches places, which often found it lacking. This method vastly hastens fat burning, the reduction of cellulite and improves the look of the skin. It also delivers the naturally occurring in 35-45 degrees Celsius sweating, which speeds up the detoxification of the body. Infrared therapy strengthens the immune system and effectively supports the body in its fight with common cold and flu-like infections in their early stages.

The conducted research and customer satisfaction confirm the effectiveness of Body Space appliances in combating obesity and cellulite and prove that the effects, which can be attained after 20 treatments last for over a dozen months.

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Body Space InfraRed Stepper equipped with "InfraRed" technology augments combating the imperfections of the human body in a safe fashion, which has been confirmed by scientific research.


  • removal of cellulite
  • fast fat burning (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
  • slimmer and modelled figure
  • disposal of unnecessary calories
  • augmenting the skin's blood flow (makes it more firm and elastic)
  • improving the physical condition
  • quick detoxification of the body
  • elimination of the cold feet syndrome
  • overall mood improvement
  • endorphin release (the so-called happiness hormone) during the workout session
  • fast body detoxification due to maximally intense sweating
  • improving the condition of the cardiovascular system – increasing the heart rate to a level matching rates found in people performing intense physical exercises.
  • painkiller effects – it has systemic and analgesic effects on the treatment of injuries and chronic ailments of rheumatoid and neurological origin
  • it has anti-aging effects – it enhances collagen production in the skin
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