Did you know obesity is the 21st century epidemic?

      The affliction of overweight is a global problem that effects those of all ages and gender. More than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, are overweight. Of these, over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women are obese. Over 35% of adults aged 20 and over are overweight, and 11% are obese.

      Obesity is preventable, and people all over attempt to improve their lives through fitness routines and healthy lifestyles. Their goals typically include shaping their bodies, weight loss in general, body rejuvenation and relaxation. This is an unlimited market and the demand for effective slimming products and devices is always increasing. The statistics don’t lie.

      In this industry, we are helping millions of people try to fulfill their dreams and live better lives. We want to help our customers help their clients to reach success and profitability in their new or existing businesses.

      Do you know how to grow your current cryotherapy business?

      Using our knowledge and experience with the latest fitness and wellness technologies, our team of professionals wants to be a part of your thriving business and personal growth!

      localized cryotherapy

      Do you know how to grow your current cryotherapy business?

      Using our knowledge and experience with the latest fitness and wellness technologies, our team of professionals wants to be a part of your thriving business and personal growth!

      We live by the motto “professionalism and a comprehensive approach” and strive to always provide expert support through all stages of business. Including, but not limited to:

      Outfit your cryotherapy studio with modern design and innovative cryo chambers

      How establish cryotherapy studio, rehabilitation clinic or weight loss center

      • Find the best way your business can benefit from our innovative products as add weight loss exercises to current cryotherapy sessions
      • Customize whole body cryotherapy machines according to your business demands; design strategy, client requests, and more
      • Help you choose the best financial plan to support your budget with leasing deals and purchase offers for cryotherapy and weight loss equipment
      • Advertise your new or renewed current cryotheray business through our own channels
      • Offer the best European and American quality cryotherapy chambers, holistic wellness and weight loss machines and premiere outstanding customer service and technical support
      • Create easy-to-use cryo weight loss machines that never require professional staff training
      • Produce the most innovative and aesthetically appealing fitness, holistic wellness, healing and cryotherapy machines with multi-functionality

      Pioneering Concepts open Innovative Cryotherapy Studio

      How treat using localized cryotherapy

      Weight Loss and Rehabilitation Wellness centers

      Our concepts, a state-of-the art Innovative Cryotherapy Studios, Weight Loss, Holistic Wellness and Rehabilitation Healing Center welcome you to try the very latest advances in weight loss and cryotherapy technologies: combination treatments in cryotherapy chambers with exercises on weight loss equipment with built-in body rejuvenation & anti-aging features that is designed to deliver results 3x faster than any equipment ever created.

      This unique Cryotherapy Studio, Weight Loss Center, Holistic Wellness and Rehabilitation concepts, wildly popular in Europe and North America, has made its way to your business location to transform the bodies of those who do not have the time, energy or desire to exercise in a traditional gym but still want results. Sound like a dream come true? This innovative cryo and weight loss equipment has built in skincare benefits that helps stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging cellulite reduction and fat loss as you work out.

      Introducing AcriveCryo cryosauna, BodyShape innovative treadmills, InfraShape recumbent bikes with built in collagen lamps, aromatherapy, deep pressure massage and vacuum resistance to tighten and tone your skin as you exercise. HydroShape aquatic fitness bike, a popular favorite, combines cycling, chromotherapy and gentle aqua massage to which promotes weight loss, muscle growth & cellulite reduction. There are AquaCycling rehabilitation sessions available using this extraordinary equipment together with cryotherapy procedures.


      Our trainers assist you in customizing your workout program

      Our trainers assist you in customizing your workout program and in selecting the appropriate equipment and package for your business goals. Concept package options include Cryotherapy sessions, Anti-Cellulite package, Weight-loss exercises, Holistic Wellness, Healing and Organic Detox Spa treatments, and AquaCycling Program & more.

      Together with Innovative Cryotherapy studio or Wellness Rehabilitation centers concepts we can offer to create and equip the Organic Detox Spa area which houses individual Cedar Spa Barrels, lymphatic massage rollers RollShape and modern ActiveCouch for lounging and relaxation procedures.

      CryoStar Cryotherapy chamber

      Getting your Business Started

      Now that you have decided to get into a new business venture in the booming industry of Cryotherapy, what’s next? This is an overview from start to finish, and we will be there for every step to the way to ensure your new business becomes a success. We are excited that you are joining to the many businesses around the world that have successfully entered into this fast growing and exciting market with the help if our superior technology and expertise. Regarding expert analytics, which did a last research for US market, the cryotherapy business will grow to $22 billions in next five years. Other world countries have a such potential in growing cryotherapy business as well.

      Step 1 Find location

      The ideal room for locate Cryotherapy equipment is a ground floor location that offers easy access for your liquid nitrogen supplier and sufficient parking for your clients.  Installations on higher up floors are always an option, but the amount of liquid nitrogen on site may be limited.  The room size should be greater that 120-150 sq/ft (12-15m2). We recommend to choose 2-3 possible locations and then schedule a site survey with us and your nitrogen supplier. Also we recommend contact local city hall where premise located and ask availability and local requirements for start your new business in that location. You can ask our sales representative for create a visualization images with modern design and see how locate your cryotherapy unit inside your business premise.

      Step.2 Order your cryosauna

      If you have been chosen a best innovative modern and equipped with a many newest functions cryosauna which is ActiveCryo, you are welcome to place order and get your amazing cryo machine. You can choose a customized color of equipment from RAL panel and make optional order for place your business logo on body of your cryotherapy machine. The timeline from your down payment to order made is about 3-4 weeks.  Shipping takes a same times as well, but shipping times depends from your geo location. Please inform your exact location address and our sales representative will inform an estimated shipping time. Installation could take 1-3 business days, depends from your premise requirements. A down payment in the amount of 20% from order value  is required, and the final 80% payment is due before delivery and training.  While your Cryosauna is in production, we could advice also supply sources for all supplies (socks, globes, slippers, robes) , a sample liability waiver form, treatment protocols, and basic marketing strategies. Financing and leasing options are available via our partners third party providers as Paramount  Finance, TEQ lease and ILS . If you catch a promo deal from us, please be noted regarding promo expiration and make your order on time. Unfortunately, promo terms could not be restored if you missed time.

      Step 3. Nitrogen supply

      Nitrogen tanks come in different sizes and can be placed either indoors and outdoors.  It will be up to gas provider and local fire department to determine which size of nitrogen tank may be suitable for your room. The first option is a bulk nitrogen tank (1500-3000 liters in volume) that requires a fixed installation on site. The second option (most popular) is portable 230-240L nitrogen tanks (dewars) on wheels that are replaced as needed.  Micro-bulk tanks provide cheaper pricing as larger quantities are purchased at once, and they also ensure nitrogen supply at all times as the gas company can monitor the larger tanks remotely.  Both options will allow you to success fully run your business. Also we have solution for mobile cryotherapy as well which could use built-in 35L non-pressure nitrogen tank.

      Step. 4 Insurance

      Getting the right insurance is important to protect you and your business. We could recommend a few insurance companies that specialized in bringing the most comprehensive coverage to all Cryotherapy businesses. Please feel free to consult any insurance agency of your choice.

      Step. 5 Premise preparation

      Before we can deliver the Cryosauna you will have to ensure your room is properly set up for the equipment.

      Cryo V2 cryotherapy chamber

      The Cryosauna uses a standard 110-120V

      1. Electrical: The Cryosauna uses a standard 110-120V plug-in for American market and  a standard 220-240V plug-in for European, Asian, Australian and Middle East markets electricity, single phase, and requires a 20A breaker. Please contact your sales agent regarding discuss more details for your market.

      2. Cryosauna Ventilation: The Cryosauna is equipped with an active vent exhaust which pushes used nitrogen to the outside of your building . Out-coming vent on cryo machine could be connected to special vent line on your celling or wall via standard flexible vent  for vent out all rest of nitrogen. This is a required safety feature. A duct, 4” in diameter, has to be installed from the location of the Cryosauna to the outside.

      3. Room ventilation. A mechanical ventilation, powerful enough for no less than 5-6 room volume air changes per hour, must be installed in the Cryosauna and/or nitrogen storage room. Please consult an HVAC professional and city hall inspectors about this requirement and feel free to have them contact us.

      4. Oxygen (O2) Monitor. We recommend a room O2 monitor to be installed in all rooms that contain a Cryosauna or nitrogen tanks. This is required by fire departments in most states and countries. We could recommend vendor for buy such monitor equipment. The monitor can automatically turn on the mechanical ventilation mentioned above with its built-in relay function.

      Step. 5 Delivery and training

      We will schedule the delivery of your Cryosauna when our manufacturer department confirms your order made. You could expect it within the 30-40 days from receiving your down payment. Please be noted that any shipping company could not guarantee an exact time or date of delivery in advance due possible unexpected transport delays and all scheduled time and date of delivery to your location is estimated (ETA). Our sales representatives will try coordinate with shipping company and schedule most convenient time and date for delivery. You will receive a crated pallet with dimensions LxWxH 200x130x220 cm / 79x51x86” inches and weight 250 kg/ 550LB. In most cases shipping companies requires a dock uploading access on delivery point. Optionally, you can order a lift gate service on delivery point for extra expenses, but you need ask shipping company regarding availability to provide such service in your location. We recommend make delivery to your warehouse which could provide dock uploading and after it to schedule local delivery and installation when an installers come.

      On the day of delivery we will require the following:

      1. Electrical and venting requirements are met

      2. Please check all entrance doors and elevators dimensions for schedule bring your cryotherapy machine inside. If you have a narrow door access, please contact our technical department and schedule cryo equipment disassembling/assembling on delivery point.

      3. Any additional equipment as O2 monitor is installed in your room

      4. Liquid nitrogen is delivered from your gas supplier

      5. Socks, slippers, gloves, and robes are present for training

      6. All staff members to be trained are present and available for no less than 4 hours

      7. Each staff member should both conduct and receive a Cryotherapy treatment (unless prevented by contraindications)

      Step 6. Start operation

      Enjoy your best cryotherapy machine and we happy to get your feedback with  your. experience. Feel free contact us regarding a software updates, replacement pats or other questions about warranty and after-warranty technical support.

      Our professional team created and equipped a hundreds successful projects such as cryotherapy studios, weight loss centers, gyms, fitness clubs, rehabilitation centers and medical offices around the world.
      Lets start your successful business with us!
      In beginning a business partnership with our company as world largest manufacturer and supplier of innovative fitness, wellness, spa and cryotherapy equipment, your business will have a more secure and reliable structure. In following our business model, you will reduce the risk of financial failure and reach your profit goals. We offer a multitude of innovative equipment, which showcase new achievements in the global fitness industry. You can save money and space while providing new services for cryotherapy, weight loss, body rejuvenation, rehabilitation, relaxation services, and anti-cellulite exercises, which your customers will be able to quickly experience.
      The key to your success is taking advantage of our knowledge, experience and professionalism. In entering in a partnership with us, you are embarking on a serious advantage for your business venture!
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