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Individual cabin Hydrobike / Waterbike

Waterbike Hydrobike

Water Bike with hydro-massage / Individual pool biking


Waterbike Hydrobike is a water bike immersed in a individual cabin with hydro-massage jets and chromotherapy to combination of highlight the workout using benefits of water resistance, known as water aerobics, and ozone (action detox , anti -age and antibacterial ). Aqua bike for aquabiking in single cabin.

The Aquabiking has become one of the best centers of fitness , it also allowed to target active and Customer urban in search of aquatic activity in the card, without real constraints, the sessions last from 30 minutes 45 minutes.
The principle is simple, since it consists pedaling in water using an underwater bicycle.

As for Aqua Bike benefits , it has many and varied means of reaching target in terms of age and population .

It is a universal concept that meets new growth market today, with a sound investment, sustainable and growth opportunity in fitness & spa world. Individual Cabin aquabike Waterbike Hydrobike meets all levels : Strength training, cardio vascular, less cellulite , circulatory problems and all this by producing a soothing gentle physical activity .

The aquabiking is a highly recommended activity by many doctors physiotherapists physical trainers , it is of simplicity, efficiency and speed . Pedalling in water provided the effort is 12 times larger than in the air. The results are visible on the body almost instantaneously , with a natural massage muscles, which produces a draining effect particularly effective, strengthening network venous and lymphatic, a firming of the skin to fight against water retention and the appearance of cellulite while sparing joints and work safely on problems neurological, rheumatologic, trauma, functional disorder, obesity. ..

Fitness Equipment aquatic bike.

Individual cabin Hydrobike / Waterbike

Aquabiking and Spa in single cabin

Customize your cabin / aquatic bicycle


Water - Cycling - Jacuzzi - Chromotherapy - Ozone


The concept of the cabin and spa Hydrobike Water: a bike, hydro-massage jets to highlight the draining properties of the cabin aquabiking, chromotherapy, known for its soothing and ozone (in detox, anti . -age and antibacterial) The aquabiking has become one of the best fitness centers, it also allowed to target an active, urban clientele in search of aquatic activity in the card, without real constraints - the Sessions last 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The principle is simple, since it consists pedaling in water using an underwater bicycle.


Created for rehabilitation, Waterbike hydrobike is needed now in the world of wellness and aesthetics. Based on the principle of Aquabiking, Waterbike Hydrobike in combination with other benefits that are specific! Today Water Bike Hydrobike is more than a aqua bike. In its single cabin different equipment enhance the efficiency and comfort of its position "Wellbeing, Health and Beauty."

The hydromassage System aquabiking
20 hydro-massage jets, adjustable and oriented sensitive areas, reinforce the draining action of the water. The skin develops his natural abilities.

Ozone System aquabiking
Ozone mixed with water molecules is rapidly absorbed by the dermis and transformed into oxygen to a beneficial effect on the body. It restores their natural power cells impaired by the accumulation of waste and toxins.

Chromotherapy System aquabiking
colors all have a specific power on the mind. Blue for relaxation, to stimulate red, yellow for the intellect ... Waterbike hydrobike envelope a pleasant diffused light to optimize the effects of the treatment.