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Welcome to visit our booth space on ArabHealth 2019 Dubai UAE

    ArabhealthVACUACTIVUS invites to visit our booth space Z1H58 on Arab Health in Dubai UAE. ArabHealth is the largest trade show for healthcare and medical equipment in Middle East. The 2019 event welcomed more than 4,200 exhibiting medical equipment producers and 105,000 attendees from 160+ countries. ArabHealth will going in Dubai World Trade center during Jan, 28-31, 2019. Major manufacturers of cryotherapy chambers and recovery equipment will take participation in industry largest event. ArabHealth Trade show working hours Monday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm Thursday: 10am-5pm. Our company will exhibit a latest model of ActiveCryo cryosauna with thermal imaging camera and Platinum jets indirect spaying technology, which helps to reduce nitogen spanding up to 3-5L per session as well as keeping a lowestActive Cryo Switzerland temperature inside cryo chamber as -180C (-280F). 
       Cryotherapy business is very growing all around the world, especially in Dubai, which is major business center of Middle east and arab countries. Also we will exhibit Localized cryotherapy machine Polar Bear in Dubai. Cryotherapy chambers and local cryo machines are a bestsellers in recovery and rehabilitation industry. Regarding a last researches in overview the cryotherapy market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5-10% over the forecast period. Cryotherapy is defined as the local or general application of extremely low temperatures for medical and recovery purposes, especially in sport rehabilitation. As per the scope of the report cryotherapy devices include the devices and probes used during cryo treatment and cold therapies such as whole-body cryotherapy VACUACTIVUS is an one of major players on cryotherapy market due extremely increased sales of ActiveCryo nitrogen based whole body chamber and nitrogen based local cryotherapy machine Polar Bear .