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Fitness club based in Switzerland has launched a full body Cryotherapy cryosauna

Horizon fitness club, based in Lugano Switzerland, has launched first full body Cryotherapy chamber ActiveCryo for one person - where you freeze your bits for three minutes to give yourself a health boost. ActiveCryo was supplied and installed by VACUACTIVUS world leading manufacturer of cryosaunas and weight loss machines.

Those brave enough to enter the cryosauna, where clients are cryogenically frozen, stripped down to just their undies to enter for a one or three minute blast of the frozen air.

The cryotherapy chamber uses liquid nitrogen cooled air at temperatures as cold as up to -170C, which speed up injury recovery, help with weight loss and skin care, reduce muscle tension and even claims to have anti-aging capabilities. The claim that it can help you lose a many calories in just one three minute session was also sparking plenty of interest among party guests. 


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