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New ActiveCryo cryosauna with Thermal Imaging Camera

After we launched a new version of ActiveCryo Luxury cryosauna with Thermal imaging Camera in May 2018, now we are offering a special price for this most updated version.

ActiveCryo is a most technologically advanced cryotherapy chamber available on current market for a reasonable price. In whole body cryotherapy the entire human body is exposed to low temperature below −280°F (180C) in a special cryotherapy chamber. The impact of cold can cause many different biochemical and physiological reactions of the human organism, therefore the skin temperature response due to whole body cryotherapy was measureds by thermal imaging sensor as called  as Thermal Imaging Camera, which shows temperature level of body on a large top screen. During a cryotherapy session you will see the thermograms of chosen body parts of patients were performed in whole body cooling. Thermal imaging shows cold impact owing to the enhancement of the skin temperature.

                  Cryo Switzerland thermal imagingActiveCryo is the newest and most modern cryotherapy chamber involves whole body cryotherapy. VACUACTIVUS as a leading manufacturer of cryotherapy equipment always brings innovation solutions to our products. We recently created a newest updated Luxury version of ActiveCryo, which has a Thermal Imaging Camera feature.

At the past local cold therapy was used for medicine use only, but now this innovative recovery technology is available in  many sports recovery centers, gyms and cryotherapy studios. First cryogenic chamber in Europe was built in 1989 and until today European and US manufacturers are leaders in this industry although the last few decades many cryotherapy chambers have been built in the number of countries all over the world . The whole body cryotherapy is applied in different diseases: whole body recovery, inflammatory states of spinal vertebrae joints, degeneration and inflammatory states of joints, rheumatism, low back pain diseases. The positive influence of cryotherapy sessions on mental health and osteoporosis preventive treatment was also reported. Wide application of cryotherapy is found in sport medicine and biological recovery, therefore this is most popular method for sports recovery and rehabilitation

The cold treatment in cryosauna causes reduction of pain in the post-operative period, after reconstructive surgery of the joints and shortening of the recovery time of the rehabilitation.

The studies of the temperature response via thermal imaging to whole body cryotherapy showed that the application of cold on whole human body causes an essential drop of skin temperature whereas the internal temperature does not exceed the thermoregulation range during cryotherapy session. This is a very informative method which was started described in many rehabilitation  esearches since 2006, but only in 2018 it was successfully incorporated in cryosaunas. ActiveShape machine for sale

Thermal mapping is diverted by local blood flow, degenerative and inflammatory state of tissues. It was reported that an enhancement of the skin temperature profile could increase the diagnostic sensitivity of infrared imaging on clients during cryotherapy sessions. The increase of heat losses as well as metabolic processes are available to see on very informative second display mounted on top of ActiveCryo Chamber. Client could watch their thermal body map during cryo session. The broadening of the temperature range observed on the thermal imaging after whole body cryotherapy made it possible to monitor the health state of patients exposed to cold during treatment. The distribution of the skin surface temperature was monitored by using Thermo Vision Camera built in ActiveCryo cryosauna. Before each measurement session the thermo vision camera was calibrated. In order to catch the dynamic response of the skin temperature due to cold impact, thermal imaging of the patients was performed immediately after  cryotherapy session starts.

The thermal imaging helps to collect temperature analysis during cryotherapy treatment and see cold effect on body, which is a very benefiting for physical therapy. 
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department via email vacuactivus@gmail.com and ask a special price for ActiveCryo Luxury version with thermal imaging camera. 

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