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As a world leading manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers and innovative fitness rehabilitation machines, our company has over 15 years history of creating entirely new cryotherapy studios, rehab centers, wellness & fitness clubs, weight loss centers, re-equipping current businesses.
Our expertise provides customers insight with the wellness, cryotherapy, and weight loss trends in an ever growing market. Together, we’ve seen a positive increase in new customers and outperformance with our competitors. We are dedicated to making constant, and long-lasting achievements in the cryotherapy, wellness, fitness, weight loss and spa industries.

Too often, people begin fad diets to try to shed pounds, shape their body and remove cellulite. Applying a restrictive diet and spending too much time on tedious, boring exercises will certainly help slim your upper body, but we noticed a constant issue with the lower body physique remaining unchanged. Through research, we have found, that this is primarily due to the lack of blood flow throughout the body. While two-thirds of your blood supply circulates in the upper body, only one-third of this system is activated in lower regions. Also, with greater blood circulation, the faster the fat can burn, the quicker harmful toxins can be washed out of the body.

Using our innovative techniques and equipment, this problem is now in the past. It is possible to achieve maximum results in minimum time and effort with the innovative equipment made by VACUACTIVUS a world leading manuafcturer of wellness, cryotherapy, spa, fitness and weight loss machines. These spectacular results are possible due to advanced engineering and revolutionary technological developments, including whole body cryotherapy, infrared heating, and vacuum cellulite reduction massage therapy. This, along with the effects of muscle and sensory stimulation through color therapy, aromatherapy, vibration fitness, and massage allows for a full fitness of body and mind, with an emphasis on spa influence and relaxation benefits in most all of our equipment.

Advantages of our rehabilitation equipment

Our rehab products combine effectiveness, modern design, and full functionality in each device and our equipment is great for both home and commercial use. Exercising with our equipment gives clients confidence and results.

  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Pain relief
  • Slimming and body shaping
  • Rapid fat loss (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
  • Burning of excess calories
  • Improved blood flow (skin becomes more elastic and supple)
  • Improved overall physicality
  • Improved circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Removal of toxins and harmful substances
  • Overall wellbeing
  • Releasing serotonin (a hormone connected to the feeling of happiness)
  • Body rejuvenation
  • Relaxation
  • Holistic wellness and healing
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​Innovative equipment from VACUACTIVUS is a breakthrough in wellness and fitness, and now these innovative machines are within your reach!

Weight loss centers and cryotherapy studios have shown, and clients have confirmed the effectiveness of our machines, in the fight against unwanted weight and cellulite. After approximately 20 treatments, these benefits will last for several months. We recommend 12 to 20 treatments in one session (with one treatment only taking 30 minutes)

Today begins the most effective cryotherapy and weight loss programs and join the thousands of satisfied customers!  

This is your opportunity to develop a successful business!

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