Cryotherapy treatments started to offer in Zagreb Croatia

DETOCRE: Our Reliable Partner in the Balkans

The network of innovative cryo studios is expanding, and today we are proud to introduce our distributor in the Balkans, the DETOCRE facility. Established in Croatia, located in the center of Zagreb it is designed as a pioneer brand name in the detox, cryotherapy and rejuvenation domain. It aims to provide exclusive medical services for those looking for a comprehensive, upgraded approach to conventional treatment. DETOCRE’s founder, Dr. Vitaliy Sarancha is committed to using new technology in complex healing practices, which perfectly matches our vision. We at Vacuactivus are extremely happy to be partnered with the DETOCRE team thus expanding our health rehabilitation practices as far as sunny Croatia. Let’s take a closer look now.

What DETOCRE is all about


Located in the capital of Croatia, DETOCRE stands for Detox, Cryo, and Rejuvenation. The unit boasts to be the first studio offering exquisite services in detox, cryo and rejuvenation, all wrapped in one facility. Inspired and powered by Dr. Sarancha, GP, Ph.D together with a team of medical experts, the DETOCRE hub successfully functions and gains more and more popularity thanks to its innovative approaches to health promotion and well-being. Its brand new method for complete mental and physical cleansing of the body is supported by the latest research, which surely deserves a ringing endorsement.

DETOCRE combines the features of a think-tank and a practical center. To achieve its objectives, it was intended as a joint venture of the International Association of Information Medicine (MAIM) and the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. The project focuses on information medicine, neurocognitive technologies, and revitalization and detoxification of both body and mind. 

New Vacuactivus equipment placement in DETOCRE

The scientific and practical tandem with efforts to develop the cutting-edge technologies tended to apply them to revitalization practices with purpose to return the body to adequate functional state, reduce symptoms, minimize the occurrence of diseases, strengthen and rejuvenate the body. 

No wonder such a grand-scale project needs to have a reliable technical support of the world’s leading producer. We are much favored it was Vacuactivus that DETOCRE opted for to pursue its ambitious goals. The new studio is cozy, light and offers various kinds of treatment to its customers. Our cryo chamber, lymph massage roller, and local cryo unit ensure a wide range of targeted treatments in the domain of preventive medicine. 

Local cryotherapy in DETOCRE

Local cryotherapy is used for targeted action in injured areas. Extreme cold is applied to a particular body part to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and eliminate swelling and tension. Local cryotherapy induces a rush of oxygenated blood to the treatment areas which ensures a natural analgesic action. The healing effect of cold applications has been known for long therefore a local cryo with its temperatures around -150 degrees Celsius (-240 Fahrenheit) is much more efficient than ice baths. The cryo session normally lasts for 5-10 minutes which is enough to obtain all therapeutic benefits. After the treatment patients enjoy the accelerated rates of muscle and tendon recovery and increased physical impact tolerance. 

Total cryo in DETOCRE


Unlike local cryotherapy which allows treating a specific area of the body, whole-body cryo (WBC) stimulates cold receptors triggering natural anti-inflammatory response and self-recovery systems. Total cryo is helpful for chronic pain and muscle constraints relief, post-op recovery, mental disorders, dermal issues, beauty imperfections, and many more. Though local and total cryo have technically much in common, functionally they are different. Often, the most beneficial combination is a mix of local cryo impact and systemic total cryo treatment, which provides a comprehensive action.

Lymph massage in DETOCRE

Lymph drainage or manual lymph massage is a way to gently deblock the lymphatic system making it efficient again. This ancient kind of treatment helps relieve swelling and lets the lymph flow freely through the clean, restored vessels. With its help, fluids start to circulate faster around your body contributing to higher metabolism levels and increased detoxication. Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for pain relief, skin cosmetic defects, excessive weight problems, edema, fibromyalgia, chronic vein insufficiency, arthritis, etc. With our lymph massage roller, this technique is performed in the DETOCRE unit safely and comfortably.

The combination of the three Vacuactivus devices – the total cryo, local cryo, and lymph massage roller – is a perfect solution to exponentially increase the range of healing services addressing each separate health condition in a unique way. DETOCRE surely has all the possibilities to provide a tailored approach to each client.

DETOCRE’s healing practices: why are they so special?

With its revolutionary approach to preventive medicine, DETOCRE studio in Zagreb boasts multiple complex treatment solutions. The philosophy behind allows using traditional healing practices and the newest technology in the same space. Dr. Sarancha and his team are devoted to practice-based research and offer only those methods which are efficient and safe. 

DETOCRE is focusing on mind and physical detox, cryotherapy and rejuvenation: 

  • Mental detox stands for the elaboration of the right mental state. It impacts our conscious, subconscious and energetic well-being. Our mind should be cleansed of the negative, unuseful and destructive programs and complexes which other way form a barrier and block the normal development of the person.
  • Physical detox is a process of cleansing of the body, referring to excreting unhealthy substances or toxins accumulated in organs and tissues. Detox treatments help the body to get rid of waste substances and enhance normal body functions. 
  • Rejuvenation refers to measures of making people look and feel younger, agile, and motivated again. Though, it’s not just anti-aging. True rejuvenation includes anti-aging processes as well as boosting of the body’s natural immunity which fight off harmful substances.

DETOCRE offers:

  • Mind detoxification: hypnotherapy, regression hypnosis, NLP, SRT
  • Physical detoxification: mechanical and manual medical lymphatic drainage
  • Cryotherapy: local and whole-body cryo procedures
  • Consultations on dietetics, dietary supplements use
  • Information Medicine classes

DETOCRE’s background

The idea of establishing the DETOCRE studio belongs to Dr. Vitaliy Sarancha, an experienced general practitioner committed to research in the fields of conventional and complimentary medicine and the development of interdisciplinary ties. Dr. Sarancha is the President of the Balkan branch of International Association for Information Medicine (MAIM).

MAIM is the organization focusing on scientific and practical activities. It comprises scientists, doctors and medical specialists from more than 40 scientific institutions that are working in the domain of information medicine. Information medicine is an upgrade for the conventional medicine. It proposes the innovative methods and treatments, which greatly diversify and advances the classic medicinal practice.

In the DETOCRE unit information medicine principles have being designed, cultivated and implemented. We at Vacuactivus are honored that with the help of our equipment medical practitioners improve people’s psychophysical condition, reduce somatic complaints and boost the immune system under the auspices of Information Medicine principles.

Contact the DETOCRE staff in Zagreb for more information on services, methods, and equipment. Our experts from the Vacuactivus team are also ready to answer your questions and give you the necessary support.

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