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Our technical team created an unique and orgainic method fo save water during an aquatic exercises in water bike. Do you worry regarding a huge expenses for water waste using aquabike or waterbike capsules? HydroTank is a best solution for avoid a water expenses. This is a recycling and filtration system which save water waste for HydroBike and HydroShape. Using only an organic methods as a sand filters and an UV lamps the HydroTank could help delivery always a fresh water for each new exercise in aquabike capsule and no waste previous water. Also the HydroTank could help to delivery always a warm water for underwater cycling exercises in a water capsule. The HydroTank is customized system which could serve from one to fifteen water bikes at the same time. As a world largest producer and supplier of innovative fitness & spa equipment we offer a Green  and Organic solution for your business which save your money!


Contact our Technical department for more information: hydrobike2@gmail.com


save water during aquatic treatment


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