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InfraRed Pilates Capsule

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Unique pilates equipment with rehabilitation benefitsrehabilitation equipment

As a world largest manufacturer of innovative fitness & spa equipment we would like to introduce an unique pilates equipment for hot yoga exercise in a pilates capsule heated to the body temperature 36,6*C/100*F which enhance body shape and rehabilitation benefits. 

rehabilitation pilates

This is a hot pilates capsule blends the elements of traditional mat pilates and our much more contemporary hot pilates. The InfraRed Pilates capsule offers a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and sculpt the body as well as challenge and strengthen the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. This exercise is taught in a capsule heated to 100F/36.6C degrees and special humidity inside to help the body stretch, detoxify and provide for an invigorating workout. Infrared Pilates capsule combines high intensity intervals and circuit training as well as pilates all perfectly choreographed to high energy and upbeat music to make you feel motivated, powerful and sexy and release more energy!

InfraRed Pilates Capsule



You could find resistance ropes inside Infared pilates hot capsule. Each resistance adjusted 1,5kg or you could manually adjust a resistance before pilates workout. Using a ropes as dumbbells you will move through a series of poses. This new style of yoga will help you build strength, flexibility and balance, plus it's a great way to firm up and tighten your body and enhance your body shape. 

equipment for sweat pilates

sweat pilates

You could get yoga class in hot capsule will challenge and energize mind and body. Also elevate a heart rate, tone of muscles and strengthen your core. Set to energizing pilates music in a heated capsule, this hot yoga class incorporates the hottest moves for a truly unique and exciting pilates or yoga workout. The capsule temperature is set around 100F or 36.6C degrees with special humidity. Informative touch screen display integrated with iPad and your iPhone will show a positions for pilates exercises. A bottom pilates table goes out before workout for convinient position to come inside pilates machine.

Workout in InfraRed heated pilates capsule more meditative, restorative and effective than traditional yoga or pilates. 40 static hot yoga poses showing on color display with an energizing and challenging flow. Taught in a pilates heated to 36.6*C/100*F degrees with special humidity, this hot yoga class offers all the benefits of held postures while adding a modified vinyasa flow to increase the heart rate and build internal heat. Practitioners of all levels are welcome to our unique pilates capsule for hot yoga workout!

Be ready to sweat, move, burn calories and improve muscle tonus! 


rehabilitation pilates

This is a very unique and innovative pilates equipment on current world market which brings amazing rehabilitation, weight loss, and improve body shape benefits. Our manufacturing team created unique and modern designed pilates equipment with convinient entrance to capsule. The bottom table could drive ahead. For create this hot yoga capsule we used only luxury materials made in USA and European union.

Our heated pilates capsule offers a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

More than 40 positions for exercise inside heated pilates capsule.

rehabilitation pilatesrehabilitation equipmentrehabilitation pilates

This hot pilates class is designed to detoxify, recharge and restore the body, mind and soul. InfraRed Pilates capsule is a best solution as an innovative equipment for any hot yoga studio or hot pilates center. InfraRed Pilates hot capsule is designed to balance the active and passive energies of the body. This will facilitate in opening the physical body in a more-more dynamic and energetic way.

 rehabilitation pilatesUsing our unique equpment for pilates or hot yoga you could create a class is designed to burn fat tissue and blast calories as well as provide a rehabilitation benefits during a pilates class. It's a total body workout that is carried out barefoot on a mat. With InfraRed Pilates hot capsule you could provide a fun, high-energy classes that consists of a warm up, high intensity cardio with tabadas and hand weights are incorporated to strength and tighten muscles, followed by some abs and a light cool down. The pilates capsule temperature will be set at 36.6C/100F degrees which is body temperature. Your clients will sweat like crazy while working every muscle group! 

Using InfraRed Pilates capsule for hot yoga or hot pilates you will outperform any pilates or yoga studios close to your business facilities and attract a many new satisfied clients to your fitness business.

To shape up and get fit, building muscle tissue is essential with Infrared pilates hot capsule. To burn calories and lose weight in hot pilates capsule. Also high or low intensity cardiovascular exercises should do inside this innovative capsule for hot yoga or hot pilates. 


equipment for pilatesThis class in hot pilates capsule offers a full-body workout combined with elements of cardio, core training and lifting free weights. This high or low intensity workout is always varied and client never do a two of the same workouts, because display will always show a new position. You could offer amazing unique pilates class using the heat with special humidity. Pilates class inside InfarRed Pilates capsule will push whole body to the limits while the heat detoxifies you during workout. Using our hot yoga capsule you will build naturally, tighten your core and give you a maximum benefits during workout.

This is the best hot pilates or hot yoga equipment for your pilates or yoga studio.

Contact our sales team for more information regarding InfarRed Pilates hot capsule.

rehabilitation pilates

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