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Juka cryosauna and other vs ActiveCryo

ActiveCryo vs Juka Cryosauna / Krion / Criomed / Mcryo / Impact




ActiveCryo is the best model of cryotherapy unit available on current market. Let's compare this model with other models available on current market. We stated that all other competitor’s old-school style models stay a few levels away from our ActiveCryo. What has ActiveCryo comparing with Juka cryosauna or other cryosaunas as Impact, MCryo, Krion, CryoSence or Criomed?




ActiveCryo as new model 2017 has on board:

- ActiveCryo has a modern ergonomic exterior and large interior space. Juka cryosauna has a large body which should take a lot of your room space and it has a small space inside which many big clients should not fit. 

- ActiveCryo has a nitrogen saving technology which should help to save nitrogen expenses as low as 3-4L per session and keeping a same low temperature inside as 256F. Juka cryotherapy machines have three times more for nitrogen waste, therefore it should increasing your monthly operation expenses for nitrogen delivery.

- ActiveCryo has an energy saving technology. ActiveCryo has a low energy spending and availability to plug-in a standard 110V outlet in American version and 220V in european version. Juka cryotherapy units requires a large energy spending and 220V plug-in connection only with special electric line requested, which should substantially unexpected increase your installation expenses and monthly bills.

- ActiveCryo has a reduce noise technology. ActiveCryo is model 2017 and used built-in a new components quality made in US and Europe, therefore it is working more quiet than any other unit. Competitors as Juka, Mcryo, Impact cryo, Krion and Cryomed using low quality cheap components made in China, therefore it makes a lot of noise during operation (especially cool up and vent periods). You could check and try many other machines than ActiveCryo and you will surprised that it is working very-very noisy and your clients will not like exercise on noisy equipment. 

- ActiveCryo has a standard pressure requirements for nitrogen tank and availability to connect ActiveCryo to any nitrogen tank with any pressure. Some competitor’s units as Impact requires the high pressure as 28-30psi, some like Juka cryotherapy machines should have lower pressure as 20-22psi. Our cryotherapy machine could be adjusted for any nitrogen pressure. Competitor’s machine with non-standard requirement for nitrogen pressure should take effect for extra technical expenses due installation problems and nitrogen delivery.

- American version of ActiveCryo made according North American standards and requirements. A many other competitor’s factories could not reach UL listed standards and their factories and products did not approved or certified by UL or other NTRL listed laboratories regarding OSHA standards. UL is most common requirements and necessary standard which many local city hall inspector checked before give permit for your business. Our factory has UL, ISO9002 and CE certifications and could available to make products regarding US/Canada standards. You should get a huge problem with local city hall and local inspector approval if you have been chosen European standard only equipment as Juka or Krion which does not fit UL standards. Old models of Juka or Krion made for European market and poorly remade for American market which should not pass inspection from local city hall inspector. Your choice with Juka or Krion will take effect on unavailability to get permits for your business premise. Ask competitor cryotherapy manufacturers regarding UL/CSA certificate for their cryo products and you will be more than surprised, because a most of them did not UL/CSA approved for North American market.

- ActiveCryo has 2 color touch screen displays located on door and on top inside. Your employee could easy choose, start and adjust programs of whole body freezing and setting via touch screen located on door. Your client will see a temperature and other setting during session on second display mounted on top. Juka, Krion or Mcryo models have a small or large display on body of equipment and old-style mono display which showing temperature.

- ActiveCryo has an evenly nitrogen distribution inside chamber via special jets and vents. This innovative nitrogen distribution technology helps to avoid burning during session and get low temperature benefits for whole body. Many old competitor’s chambers as Juka, Criomed or Mcryo have direct inject nitrogen and therefore their cryotheray machines should get burn a client or their cryosaunas are unavailable to get a permanent low temperature for whole body during session. Also old models of Juke or Krion should have over leaking nitrogen during session. Check reviews regarding competitor’s cryosaunas, because such old model as Juka, Mcryo, Krion, and Criomed got a lot of claims regarding such problems.

- no drying time required  for ActiveCryo. A many old models as Juka or Krion required drying after each completed session. It wastes your operation time for extra 15 min drying and you should not run session by session. Less session - less money earned. Old model from competitors as Juka or Krion made frame of cryotherapy machine from plywood which required drying after each session. Plywood frame should be destroyed if no special maintenance as drying. Our ActiveCryo made from special low temperature proof plastic which could avoid special drying time. Also ActiveCryo has availability to run drying and cleaning auto program after working hours. 

- ActiveCryo has an auto lifting system up to 400LB client’s weight adjusted via touch screen. Auto lift down after session finished. See here how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9GRXLQL4Ww Juka, Mcryo and Krion had an auto lifting system as well, but it was not operated or controlled via menu on touch screen.

- ActiveCryo has a door opening as an aircraft style. Any other competitor including Impact, Juka, Krion or Criomed does not have it. Their standard opening door should take extra space for opening and sags after a some time of usage.

- ActiveCryo has an innovative safety features. Client should emergency stop session at any time via press a red button located close to top display or just open door from inside which will activate door sensor which stop nitrogen flowing. Criomed located emergency button on body of equipment and client could not reach it. Juka and Krion did not have it at all. Also client should not emergency open door without help of third party for Impact or Mcryo. Many clients and local inspectors check safety features and high demand safety requirements due on accident happened in NV a few years ago.

- ActiveCryo has an availability to choose any exterior color for machine and interior color inside chamber. Juka and Krion did not offer it.

- ActiveCryo availability to located your business logo on the body of a machine as modern engraving on the plastic part of cryotherapy machine. Juka and Krion did not offer it, Impact and Mcryo allowed a logo stickers on door which looked not so good.



The choice is your, but be advised that you need to choose the best cryotherapy unit for the reasonable price, because you need bring just the best service for your clients!

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