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      Looking to purchase whole body cryotherapy machine or cryo and weight loss technology for your business? Not enough money for your new project cryotherapy startup? No business plan how develop cryotherapy franchise? We can help you acquire it with our affordable leasing and financial solutions. As a world leading manufacturer of cryo saunas and weight loss machines we understand cryotherapy or rehabilitation center facility operations, which allows us to assist with financial and leasing requests. We want to provide best leasing solutions for our client for elevating the cryotherapy industry, and this only happens when you and the cryo rejuvenation industry succeed. Our company offers special financial terms for CryoStar cryotherapy chamber and other weight loss and rehabilitation equipment. VACUACTIVUS is committed to finding reasonably priced financing and leasing options for our client, because we are looking for your success in business. We cooperate with the main leasing companies which provide best leasing rates and deals for our clients which looking for cryotherapy or weight loss center business. We can help find the best solutions to fit your business needs. Leasing terms start from $111 per month*. Leasing option is available only for US and Canada based clients. Other worldwide clients can use purchase option. Please complete your Leasing request. We will be in touch shortly with more information about financing and rental cryo machines and weight loss equipment.

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