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of myofascial massage / lymphatic drainage

As per a theory, cellulite problems develop in a fibrous connective tissues layer called superficial fascia which lies under the skin containing fat cells. Improper exercise, injuries, and lack of activity can cause this layer to become dimpled, coarse, and less flexible. Myofascial release or myofascial massage helps smoothen this connective tissue layer, thereby correcting the bumpy appearance of cellulite. You may spent a lot of money for a massage therapist or use our wooden roller for myofascial massage and lymphatic drainage.
Benefits of roller massage:
 Lessens the look of cellulite
 Breaks down fat cells
 Improves muscle performance
 Reduces pain
 Accelerates muscle recovery
Regularly using RollShape, especially as deep tissue massage roller, offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility.


Workout on RollShape could destroy combination of fat cell in fat tissue and help to release single fat cells which easy to transfer to energy. Also it helps to encrease lymphatic and blood circulation which brings blood with oxygen in fat tissue. Regularly rolling pre and post workout helps prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery.


Once you start rolling with RollShape we guarantee you will wonder how you ever performed your workouts without it and really understand wood rolling benefits for reduce celullite, weight loss and body rejuvination.

A Few Reasons why use Roll massage
ROLLSHAPE  Fast Recover after Muscle or Back Injuries 
Self-myofascial release could help you train harder and look better while also reducing injury. If you are still of a mind that foam or wood rollers are for everyone else, then you are missing out on one of the most effective tools at your disposal for physique-building, recovery and injury prevention. Rollers are the most popular mechanism for self-myofascial release, and are gaining popularity among elite athletes of all walks because of the drastic and usually immediate impact it has on their performance and overall health. 

ROLLSHAPE   RollShape Breaks Up Scar Tissue
Breaking up scar tissue and adhesions between the skin, muscles and bones is crucial for a healthy body. When you roll parts of body, you put targeted pressure on your fascia, releasing trigger points where you’re feeling pain. The process relieves pain caused by shin splints and IT band syndrome, both of which are very common in runners, and more generally, usually clears up problems caused by tight fascia and muscles.
which is extending blood vessel, lets body to get rid of large amounts of accumulated toxins deposited in the deeper layers of skin. Body warming addition affects on muscle relaxation thanks to which treatment is more effective. Infrared heating therapy and cool sculpting
 are one of the most popular weight loss methods in world. 
It is therapy which uses selected colors to have impact on the organism. Variable light colors have significant effect on hormonal response in the body. Thanks to this therapy we can increase resistance and restore balance of body.
ROLLSHAPE  Improves Mobility And Flexibility
A simple technique that will keep your muscles sliding and gliding with ease. Taking proper care of underlying fascia is your new secret weapon to improving mobility, flexibility, and range of motion
Ageing skin is flabby, dry and wrinkles start to appear on it. It is effect of changes in basic skin builder: Collagen. With age number of quantity of collagen fibers is getting smaller and they are getting thickened. To prevent this in Rollshape we used radiation of specially selected wavelenghts. Synergistic radiation affects skin repair processes, further supported by massage.
Air Ionization
Modern environment is full of positive ions, produced by electronic equipment. Living in such environment affect drowsiness, malaise and fatigue. Air ionization supplies air with health ions, making you feel better and getting to our body portion of energy it needs.

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