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Activ couch

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Commercial SPA equipment

Luxury Lounge Massage Couch


A very important part of your fitness experience can include spending some time in the spa, resting, relaxing & rejuvenation of your mind, body & spirit after your workout. 


Enjoy some time on our relaxing  lounger with massage benefits in the tranquility of your home, spa or fitness area. ActiveCouch is adjusted to your body, offering high-quality comfort and relaxation after a long day. This is an excellent solution for spas, gyms, beauty salons, weight loss centers, health clubs as well as for home use. This special modern design is brought to you by VACUACTIVUS, Los Angeles, CA.

Great extension of the Wellness&SPA offer

We offer a modern couch made from leather material on the basis of hard plastic.
ActivCouch is available in customizable versions, both with or without electric heating system and soft vibration massage benefits.


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