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ActiveCryo cryosauna was represented on Beauty trade show in Seoul South Korea.

Cryotherapy concept is started extremely growing in Asia as well as in North America and Europe.

Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has grown in popularity in the South Korea and all around the world over the past few years. Cryotherapy treatments can be found in many world cities and many professional athletes and sports team using cryotherapy sessions for improve health condition and reduce muscle pain after exercises. Whole body cryotherapy is now being used by a wide variety of people including professional athletes together with people with chronic or acute pain. Clients of cryotherapy studios seeking faster recoveries and better health condition with a boost of endorphins. The cryotherapy process is designed to reduce whole body skin temperature uniformly between 35-45 degrees during short duration cold air exposure up to 280F, which results in enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation and can improve general wellness condition.

The cryosuana market can be segmented into two groups, cryosauna based on the liquid nitrogen and the electric refrigeration cryosaunas. Cryosaunas based on the liquid nitrogen are a most popular solution for many cryotherapy studio due a low expenses operation and availability to reach twice lower temperature than electrical version during a cryotherapy session.

VACUACTIVUS as world leading manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers feels customers, business operators and buyers are now shifting to their model of running profitable cryotherapy centers with extreme advantages in equipment safety, low operating expenses, low maintenance requirements.

VACUACTIVUS directly manufacturing a cryotherapy equipment, has a national and world distributor network. Our sales team focusing on customer service, outcomes, and capacity to do high volume traffic for our clients which operating cryotherapy business. Anyone with aches and pains should be able to try the cryotherapy chamber ActiveCryo all around the world and include it in their monthly recovery routine using locations where located ActiveCryo. VACUACTIVUS look forward to significant growth sales of cryotherapy equipment in a last few years and beyond as a return on the infrastructure of retail client’s locations have built and the cryotherapy concept which VACUACTIVUS as world leading producer of cryotherapy machines has proven over the past few years.

Cryotherapy machines from VACUACTIVUS provide a various cold air treatments to its clients to enhance their general wellness condition and improve recoveries benefits at locations expanding across the world. The clients suffer from chronic or acute pain and inflammation or seek faster recoveries. VACUACTIVUS also offers a cryotherapy business solution, selling cryo chambers and related cold therapy equipment to business owners, sports team, gyms and fitness centers, and individual users for home use. For more information contact our world sales team via e-mail: [email protected]


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