RollStar Infrared Massage Roller


      Dealing with the issue of orange-peel skin or stubborn fat deposits may be tricky. Where exhausting physical exercise does not work, you have to opt for other solutions. RollStar lymphatic massage roller is an innovative device to sculpt and shape your body or address cellulite. Combining the healing effects of lymphatic and slimming massage, it relaxes your muscles while making your body healthy and contoured.

      Having its roots in conventional massage types, RollStar incorporates technologies integrating lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, chromotherapy, and infrared effect. It delivers high-quality massage therapy that promotes maximized sculpting benefits and health.

      In this article, we’ll chat about the aesthetic action of the RollStar studio figura roller on the body.

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      What Is A Lymphatic Massage?

      In today’s high-intensity environment, we seek to prevent situations that make us feel stressed out. A soothing massage is not only unwinding, it can as well be therapeutic and shaping. We all love classic massage that helps us relieve muscle tension and refresh, but what about other massage types? Imagine a deep effect that makes your juices flow faster: that’s what a lymphatic massage contributes to.

      Modern lymphatic drainage roller types stretch back to Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, dealing with lymph drainage and performed both on the face and body. Lymphatic massage provides for mechanical manipulation to push the lymph through the lymph vessels. While it’s especially helpful for those suffering from lymph swelling, it is beneficial for everyone.

      Here are some of the improvements that a lymph massage can boost:

      • Prevents accumulation of lymph
      • Holds down bloating
      • Hinders excess water retention
      • Promotes immunity

      Lymphatic fluid transports toxins and waste out of our bodies, so making its way clear is crucial for our wellness. Reduced swelling, resilient skin, and youthful complexion are further positive outcomes of lymph drainage.

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      If you start feeling like a lymphatic massage is going to save your day, consider an even more profound way to get a lymph drainage experience: an infrared roller. RollStar belongs to the class of lymphatic massage machines that incorporate the infrared effect and classic lymph massage. Inspired by acupressure, the device features expressly molded rolls.

      Operating in a rotational movement, the rolls don’t just massage your muscles and drain lymphatic fluid, they also feel good. By the time you end your massage round you will feel noticeably reconditioned, but just wait for some hours. People who tried RollStar admitted they were surprised to find themselves incredibly vigorous for days after the massage. After the rejuvenation driven by one session only, everyone would probably appreciate having the magic roll at home.

      Cellulite therapy

      The concept consists in the mechanical impact on compacted fat. Also known as fat blasting, it is affected by the rotating rolls eliminating cellulite manifestations. The oscillating motion breaks up packed fat cells and shoves them into the lymphatic system.

      The shape of the slim roller was developed with regard to ergonomic parameters which allow it to get deep into the tissue. This, in turn, makes the lymphatic fluid move to lymph nodes. The waste excretion system is thoroughly drained, and toxins are finely and safely discharged with sweat or other body excretions. At this, the skin tissue is simultaneously elongated and stimulated, and the rush of blood saturates it with nutrients. Beyond any doubt, this is rather beneficial for the smooth appearance of your skin.

      The infrared light combined with the mechanical massage is a powerful boost in anticellulite therapy. Studies show that infrared and tissue manipulation present the best combo to fight any skin and subdermal tissue issues. RollStar users see eye to eye with the experts, as they observe the pronounced effect of the roll massage machine.

      Fitness effects

      Whether you are a sports enthusiast or exercise on and off, RollStar is a perfect tool to maintain a healthy body. The device is heated, which facilitates muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles allow for targeting tissues lying deeper underneath the skin. This is rather helpful both before and after workouts: pre-workout, it helps you feel light-limbed which definitely refines overall performance. Post-workout, the roll shaper machine is beneficial for sending back nutrients and oxygen with blood to your deficient muscles pre-conditioning their fast recovery.

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      How It Works

      RollStar is particularly good at combating fat deposits and removing unpleasant cellulite manifestations. How is it achieved? It supports connective tissue by enhancing blood circulation and nourishing skin and tissues, which contours muscles and rehabilitates skin. The effect is achieved without tiresome activity – with daily retreating minutes with the RollStar you get enough of your ideal therapy and beauty procedures, all rolled into one.

      The technique the rollshaper is using is aimed at delivering a quality lymph drainage massage to stimulate cellulite elimination. Fat cells are broken down and drained away with the improved lymph flow across all parts of the body. This rewards your organs with a better oxygen supply and flawless delivery of important nutrients for your skin to stay firm and resilient.

      Infrared light heats muscles forcing them to get rid of accumulated toxins in the deep tissues. Thanks to its facilitative characteristics, infrared therapy is highly sought after nowadays. Combined with the healing effects of chromotherapy, it surely accelerates the burning of unwanted fat. Chromotherapy induces a desired hormonal response in the body thus restoring its natural balance.

      RollStar is perfectly suitable for multiple usage areas:

      • Health and wellness businesses,
      • Fitness zones,
      • Gyms,
      • Spas,
      • Aqua centers,
      • Rehabilitation centers,
      • Manual therapy clinics,
      • Home usage.
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      Unimpaired lymph flow is essential for maintaining overall body health. The lymphatic drainage massage is gaining popularity thanks to its long-term benefits on health and, what’s also important, instant gratification that’s seen on your figure. Here are some of the advantages the RollStar original roller provides for:

      • It improves immunity and helps fight inflammation accelerating the body’s recovery.
      • Lymphatic drainage operates similarly to a manual pump which pushes excess water. Thus, liquids in the body are transferred more efficiently.
      • In post-op conditions, it speeds up scar healing by reducing swelling and improving the saturation of tissues.
      • It improves muscle performance making you stronger, lighter, and more enduring.
      • It naturally decreases toxin load by improving blood and lymph flow and removing waste from your body.
      • It improves metabolism and enhances efficient calory burning which leads to weight loss and enhances body shape.

      Though promising already, these are just the primary effects. The reality is that they launch a chain reaction bringing the RollShape users even more individual benefits. Overall, the more you engage lymphatic drainage in your routine, the sooner you will see and feel its effects.

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      Featuring LED display with a touch screen and a variety of adjustable parameters, our BodySlimmer roller is exquisitely convenient and intuitive in use. Here are its unique characteristics:

      • Toning selected body parts,
      • Revitalizing health and aesthetic benefits,
      • Improving lymphatic system efficiency,
      • Customizable operation,
      • User-friendliness,
      • Computer-assisted manipulation,
      • Aesthetically pleasing,
      • Combining different types of treatment.


      RollStar is the next generation full-fledged massage system incorporating mechanical, infrared, chromotherapy, and heating effects. Whether neutralizing cellulite or pointedly configuring your body areas, your objectives will be fully covered.

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