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PERFECT BODY LABT: +1 310 467-9723

We design your studio


Are You looking for open recovery cryotherapy business?
No ideas for the project?
Leave it to us!

We design professional projects for create your new cryotheray, recovery and rehabilitation studio or renewal current business.

Enough have the floor plans and images for your future space where you would like to open your cryotherapy business or weight loss center, and we will advise and make a project selected types of cryo saunas, whole body cryotherapy chambers, equipment, for rehabilitation and relaxation, and modern furniture for your business. Important send only general guidelines for customer perceptions about future studies, and we will do, since the whole concept of starting, by its philosophy, the execution of the project realization, the construction and installation of cryotherapy and weight loss facilities and service on your request. We will provide guide how to choose and design space for your rehabilation center, recovery and cryotherapy studio, weight loss or medical obecity center where find a right location for equipment, furniture, electrical outlets, ventilation openings and other

Contact us and tell your requirements


+13108088799 OR vacuactivus@gmail.com