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Activslim IR

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The commercial spa equipment                                                                                for cellulite reduction and weight loss 

Activ Slim IR Touch
combines the function of
electrical stimulation,
infra-red sauna and air pressure
lymphatic drainage.


Weight Loss
Firming the Body
Improvement of skin vitality
Relaxation and relax
Electrical stimulation
a procedure that allows to slim the body in a quick and even manner. Using mild but deep electrical impulses it stimulates both the surface tissues and the deeper parts of the skin. The treatment stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. Thanks to that the subcutaneous adipose tissue is reduced and the skin becomes well-toned and elastic.
Lymphatic drainage
treatment directly affecting the circulatory and lymphatic system. It cleanses the body through releasing harmful products of metabolism, transporting them through lymphatic vessels from the filtering organs and discharging them from the body.
Sauna & infrared therapy heating
with sauna, the body is heated which results in stimulation of metabolism. In addition, it increases oxygenation and nutrition of cells, improves circulation. Thermal therapy supports the effects of slimming, anti-cellulite preparations and all kinds of detoxification treatments.
is a safe and proven manner to improve natural processes of removing toxins and regeneration of the body. Lack of possibility to completely remove toxins from the body can cause numerous health problems. Detoxification treatment is the most effective therapy for effects of inadequate diet.
Body Massage
therapeutic treatment involving elastic deformation of tissues. The massage is performed rhythmically through the use of compressed air. The treatment may act therapeutically or relax the muscles in order to prepare them for effort.
Slim down
low-frequency current stimulates muscles to vibration and shrinkage, which boosts processes of breaking up the fat cells. In addition, the infra-red therapy directly affects the structure of fat, releasing large amounts of energy, accelerate blood and lymph circulation and metabolic processes in the body.


Treatment Benefits Include: 


  • Immediate cellulite reduction
  • Body sculpting and profiling
  • Improved circulation 
  • Weight loss management
  • Prevention from varicose veins
  • Instant relief for pain, swelling, and water retention
  • Enhanced skin tone
  • Postpartum body sculpting
  • Athletic performance boost
  • Detoxification and rejuvenation for the body 

How it Works: 


Experience the soothing, massage-like pressure of this elite, computer-controlled system as it revives your circulatory and lymphatic vessels by driving toxins out of the body and stimulating the muscles, for decreased swelling and the expulsion of cellulite and fatty deposits. This breakthrough treatment will help to redefine your entire body from the inside, out.


Unique, multi-chambered sleeves are applied around the limbs as you lay in total relaxation. The system then creates a gentle massage motion, which awakens your circulatory system and encourages oxygen flow. You will notice immediate relief from pain, swelling, and bloating as lymphatic drainage increases blood flow and allows your body to rid itself of toxins. Its ability to stimulate the muscles makes pressotherapy an ideal form of treatment for athletes looking to quickly recover from strenuous exercise. It also aids postpartum mothers with cellulite reduction and body sculpting, in a safe and effective way. 





  • For comfort and ease, please come in comfortable attire that allows easy placement of the electrodes. (Eg. A bathing suit) 
  • If body shaping, please drink a full 8 glasses of water 1-3 days before treatment as well as on the day of and the following day. 
  • Please come with skin free of make-up, lotion, or jewelry.



  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and avoid things such as cigarettes or foods high in sodium, in order to prevent the retention of fluids. 
  • Mild exercise will help to maximize your results, such as walking or brisk jogging.





  • Thrombosis and phlebitis
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Any major heart problems
  • Pregnancy
  • HIV, Tuberculosis, or any other severe inflammatory response
  • Epilepsy
  • Malignant tumors
  • Pacemakers or joint replacement





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