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"Awesome Duo" Promo

 "Awesome Duo" Promo

Our company as a manufacturer of a cryogenic chambers and spa equipment always offering a great promotions. 

Are you looking to save money on cryotherapy chamber? Do not have available budget to buy a new equipment for your current business, because you spent an expensive budget for cryosauna as a major unit? Would you like to extend service, but you have a limited budget? "Awesome Due" it is a Great Deal for you!!!!

Combination of Cold and Hot therapies is a new growing trend in cryotherapy industry. After cooling in cryo chamber ActiveCryo, you could enjoy a relaxation treatments in Cedar SPA Barrel which generating a rejuvenation steam as a kind of Hot therapy. 

Promo terms: Buy ActiveCryo, and get Cedar SPA Barrel for free. (Cedar SPA Barrel MRSP $3,999) Promo will be expired on May, 31, 2017. Value of Cedar SPA Barrel could be applied as -$4,000 discount to price of ActiveCryo. Promo "Awesome Due" is valid for US/Canada based retail clients only. US/Canada based wholesale disctributors and resellers could offer a same terms as manufacturer. Special distributor reimbursment apllied. 

Please contact our sales team for more information.


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