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ActiveCryo cryotherapy pod was successfully installed for Cryo Express located Blackburn United Kingdom. Full body cryotherapy pods use a low temperatures for improve wellbeing and health conditions, which help provide pain relief from muscles, sprains and swelling. Cryotherapy business got a very popularity in the last few years, but business owners could not find a many cryotherapy machines manufacturers on market which could provide a decent cryotherapy equipment. Anyone who has any kind of sports injury or has had a recent orthopedic surgery, anything like that, treatment in cryosaunas or using local cryo machines shortens their recovery period.

Nitrogen is slowly released and stays at a target temperature up to 280F degrees Fahrenheit or up to 170C degrees Celsius. Liquid nitrogen pumps into the cryosauna through the backside hose connected to nitrogen tank and forms into gas which stays within the unit, and the temperature is controlled by a special computer panel located on door of cryosauna. Whole body cryotherapy had originally been designed for people who have chronic inflammatory conditions or autoimmune disorders that attacked joints like rheumatoid arthritis, but is now used for much more than that.

Cryotherapy for muscle recovery, to decrease inflammation, and a big side bonus is that the average client will burn an extra 500-650 calories during cryotherapy session, because human will release a calories for keep warm body. Cryotherapy sessions in cryosaunas bumps up client’s metabolic rate because it’s cold. The starting time for cryotherapy beginners could be 1-2 minutes into the cryosauna and the maximum amount of time inside cryo chamber could be 3 minutes. Many experts in cryotherapy could inform that a session in a cryosauna is equivalent to a 60-minute ice bath but at a fraction of the time and at a colder temperature.

During cryotherapy session inside a cryosauna the person needs to wear a swimsuit or undergarments without any metal. Client has to have knee high socks, which I provide and wool gloves. A many cryotherapy facilities have a changing area there and providing robes. 

Common problems like osteoarthritis or any kind of pain can be treated with cryotherapy session in cryosaunas. Prices for cryotherapy start out at 35 pounds or dollars or euros per session.

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