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Activ spa Infrared

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The latest model
which has
slim and rejuvenating features!

Our work has created a slimming device of superior quality, which provide comfort, safety, excellent training and astonishing effects.
An innovative device, emitting infrared rays, with integrated aromatherapy, colortherapy, electrostimulation, and phototherapy (reconstructing collagen vessels), we guarantee amazing physical conditioning and performance.
Patented technology combination of high quality capsule with electric stimulation, infrared IR heating, photorejuvenation LED, aromatherapy and colortherapy. This slimming tunnel helps to weight reduce and                   you will get shape up your body 

Functionality of ActivSpa Infrared

All functions in which ACTIV SPA INFRARED is equiped can
operate independently or simultaneously with each other.
Enhanced effectiveness with a loss of up to 500-2000 calories within
30 minutes training session.
Best slimming tunnel on market for weight reduction and remove cellulite.

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