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Under Pressure Massage

Under pressure massage devices

Our company created unique workout equipment with negative pressure massage adjustment range 0-30 mbar using pulsating vacuum massage function.

Our exercise equipment combines exercises with the use of InfraRed heating and vacuum negative pressure massage at the same time. You can to choose to exercise with the use of under pressure fitness massage only.

Under Pressure MassageSimultaneously with the under pressure therapy, an ergometric bicycle, treadmill or elliptical workout is conducted, which is suitable even for those who avoid physical exercise. Client can set up ergometer resistance, power of the under pressure massage and infrared heating rate and computer will controll and set individually for each client request.

The effects of under pressure massage:


The conducted research and the satisfaction of thousands of clients confirm the effectiveness of fitness devices with under pressure massagebenefits in fighting against over weight and cellulite. Furthermore, they prove that the effects achieved after 20 treatments persist even for several months. It is recommended that you use from 12 to 20 treatments in one series.

The workouts should be taken every 2-3 days.

Workout 30 minutes exercise divides into 3 phases:


Under Pressure Massage

Phase I – first 5 minutes – adaptation of the organism to under pressure massage using low mbar loading,

Phase II – further 20 – 25 minutes – exercises at a rate of active walking, cycling withInfraRed heating function is now turned on,

Phase III – the last 5 minutes – returning to normal conditions using low vacuum massage loading and turning off the InfraRed heating function.

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