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Water Fitness Equipment


"Hydrobike with a combination of several elements or training will allow faster incredible results in fight aganst cellulite ..."


The combination of four basic elements: WATER, BIKE, HYDROMASSAGE, OZONE

Hydromassage jets are directed to the sensitive area, effectively eliminate the effect of the cellulite, through the effect of drainage that activates the lymphatic system. The effect of using a hydrobike inside the capsule is shaping body by converting fat into the muscle.

Hydrobike delivery results for people at any age with no loading on the human joints. Result arrives regardless of the intensity exercises, even if used in relaxation mode. Exercise session improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, have the effect of affecting the adipose tissue. Ozone,which released during the treatment, has an effect similar to the skin microderm abrasion through the production of oxygen.

Feel healthy

Using the bike in combination with hydrostatic water pressure leads to measurable results without the need of intense physical training.

Recommended water temperature is 82°-86°F, it allows to create the perfect conditions for delicate and relaxing exercises.

Hydrobike is equipped with chromotherapy lights, known as LED lights. The variability of the lighting environment affects the process of skin rejuvenation.

In contact with water ozone turns into the oxygen, helps to renew and rejuvenate the human skin and body.

The Hydrobike treatment helps to improve skin tone and elasticity, achieve relaxation and body rejuvenation.