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HYDROBIKE combines the benefits of water training with the effects of hydro massage in one fitness device


Exercise on Hydrobike lead to fast results in process of
cellulite fighting.
16 Hydromassage Jets are targeted on sensitive zones. Thanks to drainage effect, which activates lymphatic system, they are efficiently fighting against cellulite for women and reach body shape effects for men. Using the bike in combination with hydro-static water resistance and pressure leads to measurable results without the need of intense physical training.
One of effects of using water bike in capsule is simpler body building while changing fat tissue into muscles. The HydroBike is equipped with chromotherapy lights, known as LED lights. The variability of the lighting environment affects the process of skin rejuvenation. In contact with water ozone turns into the oxygen, helps to renew and rejuvenate the human skin&body.



Unique combination of 4 elements: water, bike,
hydro massage and ozone benefits.

Originally aimed at rehabilitation of motor functions, Hydrobike ended up also improving muscle growth and cellulite reduction. Using the bike in conjunction with hydro-static water resistance leads to measurable results without the need of intense physical training.


physical exercises inside spa capsule
(not as difficult as exercises in the pool)
maximum hygiene incorporated
(ability to change water after each treatment)
easy to use
  (fully controlled by touch screen display)
fast results for body toning
(submerged up to  the waist, leaving head and hands free)
no professional care needed
   (enable easy tool panel)
flexible treatment programs
   (informative control panel)


With no loading on the human joints, HydroBike could be used by person at any age. Result arrives regardless of the intensity exercises, even if used in relaxation mode.
Exercise session improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, have the effect of affecting the adipose tissue.
Ozone, which released during the treatment, has an effect similar to the skin microdermabrasion through the production of oxygen.

Production technology

The tank made from entirely of fiber glass
Tight door with a unbreakable glass
The aqua bike is made with stainless steel and anodized aluminum, fully adjustable.
Setting is easy. Informative touch screen display which fully controlled exercise.
The pedals are made from stainless steel, suitable for use in water.
This device used many progress achievements in fitness and aquatic rehabilitation industries




Hydrobike been carefully designed so as to minimize its size, while keeping the space needed to carry out the exercise.

Aqua Tub width (excluding removable panels) is 79 cm (31inches). This means that the tub can be inserted into any room, avoiding the cost of remodeling.


79cm (31in)

155cm (61in)

150cm (59in)
*can be changed

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