MedSaniStar Access Station

      MedSaniStar temperature check and hand disinfection station. Hand sanitizer stations with touchless temperature check control is a best COVID-19 protect solution for any facility to protect employees and customers. This is important tools to help keep people safe and avoid virus spreading. Our disinfection access station could make face recognition, check mask availability, check body temperature and provide automatic hand sanitizing. MedSaniStar temperature check and hand disinfection station has relay which could control gate access for person with normal temperature only. Grand version of disinfection access station has iCloud record of all guests and their temperature screening

      MedSaniStar disinfection access station

      Description and concept of MedSaniStar disinfection access station
      The device is based on a contactless thermal scanner  with a function determination of face recognition and the presence of a mask, instant infrared temperature screening, disinfection of hands with disinfectant liquid, recording of reports of temperature check on a remote server and the ability to open automatically entrance turnstile or door via mounted relay.

      Temperature check and hand disinfection

      What is it for?

      Protection of employees and visitors and detect persons with increased body temperature or flu virus symptoms 

      Fast body temperature measurement via touch less sensor

      Security controlled access of visitors using gate relay 

      Temperature screening report via iCloud and Telegram bot

      Face recognition 

      Measurement visualization and red signal alarm, if body temperature exceeds 37.2C 

      Hand Disinfection using disinfectant liquid

      What does this change?

      Speed of access and detection of persons with coronavirus or flu symptoms 

      Automatic temperature measurement with recorded results

      Easy to organize access

      Autonomy of operation

      Qualitative measurement can be performed without human presence and provide access to entrance to the facility

      Social security

      Mask availability check is supported

      Automatic hand disinfection

      Face recognition and touch less body temperature sensor

      Technical description of face recognition display with temperature check sensor 
      8-inch IPS LCD display.
      Vandal-resistant design.
      Supports up to 30,000 faces and recognition at speeds up to 1 second with an accuracy of ~ 97%.
      Supports face recognition in the mask.
      An industrial-grade binocular camera is used, which illuminated by night infrared and LED lamp.
      A modern and fast speed box with high performance
      Rockchip RK3288 quad-core processor.
      The Heimann thermal sensor.
      Supports and shows body temperature measurement.
      The best temperature detection distance within 0.5 meters.
      Temperature measurement up to 1 m.
      Measurement error 0.5 ℃.
      The temperature measurement takes a few seconds. Upon detection elevated temperature after measurement is maintained automatically visual message with an external red lamp.
      Photo fixation of the measurement process.
      Power supply 12V (the set includes the power supply unit on 110-220V).
      Main interfaces: USB, Relay, RJ45 (Ethernet), Wiegand 26/34, Wi-Fi

      Sanitizer for body temperature control

      Advantages of temperature check station

      Software benefits:

      Availability to update software 

      Access to scan logs (photo, time, temperature, name of accessed persons)

      Working with the catalog of faces

      Ability to expand as needed

      iCloud access with daily reports of temperature screening 

      Telegram bot alarm with faces of high body temperature  detected persons


      Disinfecting access station benefits:

      Compact dimensions

      Modern designed disinfection kiosk 

      Light weight

      Portable and movable 

      Extended functionality and availability to connect replay to entrance door or gate

      Large capacity tank for disinfection liquid

      Liquid saving technology and high speed of spaying 

      Metal frame and adjustable legs

      10’1 top guidance display with availability to load advertising video

      hand disinfection station

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