Nitrogen tanks

      Buy liquid nitrogen tanks 230L for cryotherapy chamber. Nitrogen dewar for localized cryotherapy machine 50L. 240L nitrogen barrel cryotherapy chamber for sale.


      Nitrogen tanks for cryotherapy chambers 

      Our company offering a nitrogen tanks for cryotherapy chambers and local cryo machines. Our cryotherapy chambers are approved by a many nitrogen suppliers all around the world as equipment matched a high safety standards. We are supplying a nitrogen dewars for local cryotherapy machines with capacity 25L and 50L as well as for whole body chambers with tank capacity 180L, 200L, 230L, 240L, 250L and larger. Available tanks from three largest nitrogen tanks manufacturers. Our nitrogen tanks produce a comprehensive range of cryogenic equipment for storage and  transportation purpose cater to all aspects of the cold chain supply for LN applications of cryotherapy chambers.

      Liquid nitrogen container/liquid nitrogen tank

      Liquid nitrogen container/liquid nitrogen tank

      1.The products are widely used for kinds of liquid nitrogen storage and connection to cryosaunas.

      2.This kind of nitrogen containers has many advantages, such as long-time storage, low nitrogen losses during storage, nature condition, low cost and long-distance transport.

      3.The materials are made of high quality aluminum and metal frame on transportation trolley.

      Nitrogen tanks

      Product Main Characteristics

      1.Our nitrogen dewars for cryosaunas are equipped with double safety auto-control release valves, high quality automatic system keeping low nitrogen vaporing waste and availability to adjust pressure, which cryotherapy chamber required.

      2.This kind of products has the feature of increasing pressure and draining the Liquid continuously,which helps to effectively fill the liquid.

      3.The movable wheels and trolley with high carrying capacity make our nitrogen tanks for cryosaunas  easily moves.

      4. The special ultralow temperature cutoff valves are easier to operate. They are durable and elegant.

      Please check catalogs below and contact our sales department for more information and prices via email: [email protected]

      Liquid Nitrogen Specification for cryotherapy chamber

      Catalogue Nitrogen Tanks MADE IN INDIA

      50L tanks MADE IN USA

      Catalogue 30-50L MADE IN INDIA

      Nitrogen tank Made in USA

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