Mile High Cryotherapy from Denver area Colorado announced the opening of a retail cryotherapy location that offers cutting-edge Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatments using a newest cryosauna ActiveCryo. Mile High Cryotherapy location is designed to bring cryotherapy and other recovery & wellness modalities to consumers in a safe, enjoyable and affordable way. Mile High Cryotherapy will be the first company to offer cryotherapy treatments in the greater Denver, CO area using cryotherapy unit ActiveCryo. ActiveCryo cryosauna is the leading cryo machine of non-invasive cold therapy specializing in pain management, beauty and wellness, athletic recovery, and overall health through a practice called Whole Body Cryotherapy. ActiveCryo cryogenic chamber utilizes safe and effective Whole Body Cryotherapy to help their clients achieve their desired results. ActiveCryo cryotherapy chamber provides the best whole body cryotherapy experience for all individuals looking for holistic wellness and recovery alternatives.

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